Tuesday, 10 April 2018

All About Lips #164 - Eco Soul Lip Oil in Berry

Lip oils are a big deal and are super comfortable to wear and I decided to pick up this Eco Soul Lip Oil in Berry to try out.

If you are wondering about the haul post, you can read about it HERE. There are 3 flavours/colours/scents and I thought I would pick the easiest to wear option - Berry!

This is the swatch of the Eco Soul Lip Oil in Berry. You can see that even though in the tube it is light red, the swatch is actually clear. There is virtually no visible tint or colour whatsoever.

I will say that the Eco Soul Lip Oil in Berry is very comfortable to wear. It does not feel sticky on the lips but you can definitely feel it on the lips. It leaves the lips very soft and it seals and coats the lips. I do use it on days I cannot be bothered to wear any other lip products.

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