Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Face Shop #3

I like to pick up accessories at The Face Shop, something that I definitely did not realise but appears to be a thing.

Since I picked these goodies up during Chinese New Year, I received an additional sticker! I like the sticker, it's cute! However it is not reusable or salvageable after this so it seems a little wasteful.

I must admit that apart from these 3 items, I did pick up 2 more of The Face Shop Cleansing Sea Sponge as I loved it so, but I have not photographed them here. The Face Shop Facial Mask Brush is also a repurchase, which is a clear indication that I like it!

I also picked up 2 new items to try out, apart from the repurchases. The lady assisting me at the One Utama branch, mentioned that The Face Shop might be phasing out its accessories so if you like any of these items, stock up now before it is gone forever!

 The Face Shop Facial Mask Brush is a really good one. I've used it to apply several masks and while you may think you are "wasting" product as some will inadvertently end up on the brush bristles, you are actually saving product because you can apply a really thin layer on the skin compared to using just your fingers and trying to get a thin, even layer (IMPOSSIBLE) so really, you are saving product when using this nifty little tool!

The Face Shop Facial Scissors. I use these mainly for trimming my eyebrows and The Face Shop offers another pair with a rounded tip for nose hair. If you worry about stabbing yourself, those might be the ones to pick up but I could not quite get past the name of them! I like the light green handles of these facial scissors.

The Face Shop Creamy Bubble Maker is really adorable and totally not on my list of to-buy. The little pink and yellow love hearts are in there so that when they fade, you know it is time to replace your product! I have tried this out and there is no doubt that be it liquid soap, facial soap, bar soap or whatever you throw at it, this is a bubble maker! I love the foam and bubbles it produces as it is not drying but just easy to use and easy to rinse off!

This haul has been a total win for me, do you like The Face Shop's accessories?

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