Thursday, 22 March 2018

Japan Haul #1 - makeup

Makeup makeup and more makeup. I love Japanese mascaras because most of them are waterproof and really good for holding a curl.

I know it seems excessive to pick up 6 but truthfully 3 are for me (the pink - long and curl) and 3 are for my mum and aunt.

The pink is the Long and Curl, which has the wand I prefer and the purple is the Volume and Curl, which tends to give more clumpy lashes. I sometimes like this look but more often than not, I like the definition the pink one gives me so that is the one I have picked up.

You did not think that was all the makeup I picked up, right? That is good, because I picked up 2 other mascaras to try out, 2 eyeshadows and an eyebrow pencil! Most of these are recommended by Nicintokyo and I am forever grateful!

So apart from the Heroine Make mascaras (which I already know I love) and the green Mote mascara, everything else was a recommendation. Now because I am still trialing out the products, I am just going to run through them very quickly here but they will have individual blog posts with reviews and swatches for you.

This Integrate Curl Mascara I love on first impression, the wand is really interesting and I have never seen anything quite like it. It is lengthening and keeps a curl so yes, a win in my books.

Then we have the Mote Mascara in Natural 02. There are so many Mote mascaras that it can be very overwhelming but they do tell you to choose what you want in terms of length/volume/curl and you can see a lot of pharmacies/drugstores having testers to show you the wands. I picked this one up due to an interesting wand again but it does not hold a curl up so I don't think I like this, but stay tune!

Then we have the Excel Eyebrow Pencil in PD05 Grayish Brown. So far I love the 3 in 1 of this eyebrow pencil - pencil, spoolie and powder. So you pretty much have it all in one. I don't find that I need a brow gel following this product and so far, I really love it.

Then we have the Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes in 03 and the Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 14. Although the latter is supposed to be so popular that some drugstores/pharmacies have to put a "1 per person" limit, it is the former that I really love. The former is mainly warm and matte shades and is supposed to be a Chanel dupe. WHAT.

Because there really is quite a bit to talk about for each product, I have given you a quick overview of it and I want to go in depth with each product in the upcoming blog posts! What Japanese products do you love and recommends?

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