Tuesday, 20 March 2018

All About Lips #161 - Dida Liquid Lipstick

The last of the Dida series, we have the Dida Liquid Lipstick!

This is actually Dida Liquid Lipstick in Flirt, which is a nice nude shade but when I swatched it, I realised it could be too light for me.

Similar to the Dida Creme Liqyuid Lipstick, this has a paddle shaped doe foot applicator.

And this is how Dida Liquid Lipstick in Flirt looks on!

The Dida Liquid Lipstick in Flirt is one of the lightest colours I have ever worn on my lips that actually works.

This is actually quite drying, but the bonus for a really drying matte lip is that it is super long lasting. It also smells sweet, quite nice actually, almost like a caramel sweet. I surprise myself by being able to wear this and I quite enjoy wearing this.

What do you guys think?

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