Thursday, 29 March 2018

Face Barrier

Real Barrier, is a new brand to me and it is actually a brand that is targeted at dry and sensitive skin type. Their MLE (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion) Technology, is a patented technology from NeoPharm. So what is MLE?

MLE is a skin barrier technology that mimics the lipid layer of healthy natural skin. It helps to reinforce the skim barrier and deliver moisture by providing sensitive skin with a long-lasting protection barrier.

I was lucky to have been sent 2 full sized items - Real Barrier Essence Mist and Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam, and several smaller samples and sachet samples to test the products out.

The little samples are good for travel too but I have been texting these out to write a proper feedback and review for you and there are some hits and misses in the range for me. Please bear in mind that I have combination skin and while my skin is dehydrated a lot, it is not exactly dry. I have slightly sensitive skin on my cheeks, hence why they tend to look a little pink at all times.

First up, let us chat about the Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam. The name "cream cleansing foam" to me does not do this product justice. Perhaps that is more because I have never tried a cream cleanser that I like and the word foam evokes thoughts of drying the skin out. However I must admit that I was shocked by this product.

The Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam comes in a sealed bottle and squeezes out like a cream gel consistency. All the products from Real Barrier are sealed for hygiene and for your safety.

This product does not actually foam up very much. If you want more foam than what I am showing you (which is essentially no foam), you actually need more water and to suds it up in your palms. The best part about this product is how easily it rinses off from the skin. You might be wondering why that matters but it makes all the difference! If you already have sensitive skin, you really do not want to have to remove it with a wet cloth/towel or a sponge as any of these would be extra exfoliation that you probably do not need! So when I rinsed and saw how easily this rinsed off, I was impressed.

The Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam does have a slight floral, medicinal scent to it. I cannot quite put my finger on the scent and while it is not my favourite, it does not really bother me. The entire line has this scent but in the Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam it is barely detectable and not an issue whatsoever. This is the highlight of the range for me and repurchase worthy. Did I mention that this removes all my base makeup with no issue and as effectively as an oil cleanser? How did they do it?!

Next we have the Real Barrier Essence Mist and it is meant to be a 24 hour hydrating and moisturising mist. The scent is stronger in this, especially since you are spraying it onto your face. There is no fragrance listed in the ingredients list, which is ideal since it is for sensitive skin, and so it must be from the different oils included (lavender oil, orange oil, vetiveria zizanoides root oil).

I do not love the Real Barrier Essence Mist as much as I love the Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam partly due to the scent and partly due to the fact that the spritzer is a little aggressive. It is like a spray that attacks your face. It is also not the sort that I will use over makeup due to the nature of the product and the less than ideal spritzer.

It is a small thing, but I also do not like how the cover is a different shade of white from the actual bottle. I sound so fussy! The actual product I tested out by decanting it to a spritzer that I like and the Real Barrier Essence Mist is actually a milky liquid and when you apply it, it almost feels like a super lightweight moisturiser. If used that way, I like to use it when I remove my makeup and just spritz this before I exercise! I generally do not enjoy it as a mist in between my skincare routine because it feels a little heavy for that. This one is a miss from me.

Next we have the Skin Barrier Extreme Essence Toner and this is supposed have double benefits since it's toner and essence and is a barrier protective toner. I find this lovely both in the mornings and evenings. It has the same scent as all the other products in the range. One thing I must say is that because the product is quite viscous, almost like a serum, and the plastic bottle is really hard, it is very hard to pour the product out. I have to shake it quite hard out of the bottle while trying not to spill it everywhere. The packaging of this can definitely be improved but the actual product, a great one. My skin feels soft and not irritated whatsoever and looks hydrated just after this toner step!

The Face Barrier Intense Moisture Cream is a lightweight cream with 48 hour long lasting moisture according to the company. I do agree that it is lightweight but has almost a balm like texture so it glides over the skin easily but retains an ability to seal everything into the skin. I enjoy using this and can get away with using it even in the mornings and it does not make me oily at all. The name seems to imply it is a lot heavier than it is. I probably would have just called it Intense Moisturiser as opposed to using the name Cream in it.

The Face Barrier Extreme Cream is a real repairing cream for damaged skin barrier and you can definitely feel the difference with the Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream. It is quite intense and heavier in texture, you can definitely feel it on your skin. There is a balmy texture to it which seals all your skincare in as well. I personally prefer the Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream as I find the Face Barrier Extreme Cream pretty heavy and only really suited for night usage for me. It is the sort of cream that if you had a sensitised area or a burn or reaction, it would instantly soothed it.

Unfortunately we end on a bit of a bad note because I do not like the Face Barrier Tone Up Sunblock at all. I had high hopes for this but the formula has an orange tint, which I think was included to try and cover the white cast. I am unable to make this work whatsoever because the white cast is so intense that even when I wear a sheer foundation over this, my mother asked what was wrong with my face and why I looked so pale.

I think that if you have dry and sensitive skin, and many products annoy or irritate your skin, you are really going to find solace in Face Barrier. If you have normal or combination skin, do not dismiss it completely as I found a real winner in the Face Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam and really enjoy the Face Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

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