Tuesday, 27 March 2018

All About Lips #162 - Duck Cosmetics #lipstickwitu & #glossipgirl

Remember the makeup haul I blogged about HERE? Well today we go into details about it and how the lip products look.

The Duck Cosmetics #lipstickwitu all come in this satin purple shade, which goes well with 2018's pantone - ultraviolet shade.

The shade I picked up was Frankly Susan.

So I present the Duck Cosmetics #lipstickwitu in Frankly Susan. This is the whole bullet you get from the lipstick. There is also a magnetic closure so you get a very satisfying click whenever you go to close the lipstick.

The top is a one swipe swatch, and the bottom is multiple swipes for a more intense swatch.

And here is Duck Cosmetics #lipstickwitu in Frankly Susan in its full glory. Is she not a total beauty?

I think you can see why I have been using this lipstick almost everyday and every opportunity I get. It is such a gorgeous orangey red colour. It is neither too red nor too orange.

The pigmentation is beautiful and the slight sheen you get from the lipstick makes it super wearable. Plus it is comfortable to wear.

This is the Duck Cosmetics lip gloss that I picked up. They call them #glossipgirls. 

This is the Duck Cosmetics #glossipgirl in Iconic Jenny

I think the Duck Cosmetics logo is really nice, and I personally picked up this shade because the metallic shade with the glitter actually looks really pretty and is somewhat subtle, because of the actual shade of it.

Here is a swatch of the lipgloss, at intensity, and when sheered out. You can see how it would be a subtle wash of colour, rather than truly glittery lips.

Here is the Duck Cosmetics #glossipgirl in Iconic Jenny! You can see that it actually just looks really wet and glossy on the lips, with no apparent glitter flecks.

The lip gloss is comfortable on the lips and wears off quickly like any other glosses, requiring frequent top ups for pouty lips.

Depending on the look you are going for, both products are really beautiful and I really enjoy them. A word on the scents, unlike your typical vanilla or fake fruity scents, these actually smell floral? I find that both intriguing and a little odd. 

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