Sunday, 11 March 2018

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel - update

I am doing an update on this Etude House Tint My Brows Gel because I bought a new one and even though I talk about it in this post quite thoroughly, I have new thought about it as well!

I do really like this product, hence why I have bought a second tube.

Do not worry about the not super thin brush, as it is not difficult to use. You just paint on the product with the brush, and you want a thicker rather than thinner line because that will make it easier to peel off.

Like a lot of peel-off masks, the thicker you paint it on (within reason), the easier it is to peel off! I like to leave mine on overnight as that gives it the darkest tint, compared to just 1-2 hours. If you leave it on for 2 hours, the stain is there but washes off pretty much after one face wash or 2. 

If you leave it on overnight, you can have tinted brows for about 3 days. It gradually fades but still looks good on day 3, and if you are lazy it would totally look ok on day 4. This has just been left on for about 20 minutes then peeled off, to show you the grey tint it leaves. This does come in 3 shades, and I picked the grey-brown, which is the coolest colour available.

If you are able to get your hand on this, do. It is such a time saver. I have picked up my 3rd tube as this does dry out (sadly) but oh so worth it.

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