Tuesday, 13 March 2018

All About Lips #160 - Dida Creme Liqyuid Lipstick

Today's Dida lip series is focusing on the right most shade in the picture, the Dida Creme Liqyuid Lipstick.

The Dida Creme Liqyuid Lipstick in Madly, is a coral-red shade that has a shade of pink.

The doe foot applicator, is a paddle shape, with no sharp edge, just a completely rounded doe foot applicator. 

Here is the Dida Creme Liqyuid Lipstick in Madly on me. This is clearly a cream liquid lipstick, as you can still see the glossiness from the photo.

This would not be a lip gloss because of the amount of pigmentation. It is definitely a cream liquid lipstick.

Now this actually stays glossy throughout your wear. It is surprisingly long lasting for a glossy finish. I tend to expect it from my matte finishes and not a glossy one like this, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

The only thing I will say is that this, for some reason, smells really bad. It smells like bad plastic or plastic gone weird. I know that plastic does not actually smell like anything but that is what it reminds me of for some reason.

I like this, and the smell does go away shortly after you apply it but that is a definite negative part of this that I noticed.

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