Thursday, 15 March 2018

Althea #6

This post accidentally went live before I actually typed out what I wanted to say, whoops! How many of you saw that little mistake (leave me a comment below) but let's get into the bits I picked up from Althea!

I picked up 2 waterproof eye makeup removers to compare, 1 sunscreen, 3 brushes and 2 powder puffs!

Starting off with the 2 waterproof eye makeup removers. They are both from Witch's Pouch but come in different sizes and the One Kill (Right) actually works out slightly cheaper per ml compared to the Collagen version (left).

This one is actually fragranced and you can smell it when you use it. It removes waterproof eye makeup decently but the Sephora one still performs better so I will not be repurchasing. There are certain days that my eyes also itch in the night and it is usually after I have used this. So I think my eyes might be sensitive to fragrance.

The One Kill is more effective in removing waterproof eye makeup than the Collagen version. It is also not fragranced so it is my preferred choice between the two.

I saw this The Face Shop Natural Sun No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream in the shop and I wanted to try it out as it is everything I want in a sun cream, hydrating but no shine! So when I compared prices and saw that Althea was cheapest, obviously I picked it up here.

The Sun Cream has all the standard "do not use on broken skin" warning and feels like a decent cream formula. It is not a gel formula but a substantial cream formula.

The packaging is a matte tube and the cover is a copper lid which makes it quite a lovely packaging all in all. I like that they kept the tube matte, for the "no shine" part of the sun cream claims.

Like most sunscreens, this comes in a squeezy tube which makes it good for travel and it is easy to dispense. When you are near the end, you can cut open the tube and finish it all up in one go (do not use exposed sunscreen as it will go off!)

As mentioned earlier, this is not a gel. This sun cream (it lives up to its name) is a medium viscosity and definitely of cream texture.

Once you apply it, there is definitely no shine. The thicker (but not overwhelming) consistency means that it feels like it is substantial and hydrating because of that. I will admit that it is not my favourite sunscreen as I still favour the lighter textures which do just disappear upon application.

Apart from those, I picked up some tools for my makeup as well.

In photos, these tools look really photogenic and lovely. However, they are really cheap, and they feel cheap and the bristles for that big brush sheds like crazy. Not great.

It applies blush very nicely and I stamp it on but it still sheds like crazy on my face and itches so much. So I am not thrilled about this.

The crease brush is not the softest I have and  is really not anything I would miss if I lost the brush so not one I would recommend. Just go with investing a bit more in your brushes.

The shadow brush is the best of the bunch, the least disappointing as it does not shed and does not scratch.

Having loved the It's My Cushion Puff, I picked up two powder puffs. These are alright but nothing life changing.

The fuzzy surface is good for grabbing powder and helps you to pat it onto the face. I then use a brush to sweep off the excess after a good bake, but I just did not love these puffs. It is alright, but really nothing to shout about. I do not even find myself reaching for it.

Finishing off with a makeup product, I picked up the Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in Asteriod Star because I love the shade Little Bear Star so much.

The colour is even brighter than I was expecting and I was really excited about having a red eyeshadow to use.

I do find cream eyeshadows in these twist up formats, the easiest to use as you can just twist up and smudge with your fingers. There is no need to sharpen your pencil and there is no real need for any brushes. WIN.

Although it looks red in the stick, the eyeshadow actually looks coral and is very flattering on the eyes. I think it is easier to wear than red on the eyes and quite fresh and summery.

However when you go to smudge it, you can see all the glitter particles and these do tend to fall out, even if you wear an eye primer and being a contact lens wearer, I am just not super chuffed about this. You may see this is an empties post before it is all the way through because I cannot even give it to anyone!

Overall, not a great haul for me as most products were a bit disappointing but it is always a journey of discovery!

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