Thursday, 8 March 2018

Battle of facial sponges

After picking up The Face Shop's Cleansing Sea Sponge, I thought I would try out the Watsons ones and there were 2 different ones, so me being me, I picked up both!

The sponges from Watsons all come in pairs and price wise, they actually cost about the same as The Face Shop Cleansing Sea Sponge, per piece. The yellow ones are cellulose material and the white and pink pair is actually PVA.

I assume from the name that The Face Shop Cleansing Sea Sponge is made from natural sea material? There is actually not much details online on this.

I can however, already tell you that this picture actually coincidentally, are arranged from stiffest to softest (left to right).

The white sponge on the left is the PVA one, which is the most stiff and firm. The Face Shop Cleansing Sea Sponge is the softest and nicest to use on the face. I like the softest one the most on the face but the yellow cellulose one is not bad. Since the price points are almost the same, I definitely recommend just grabbing The Face Shop Cleansing Sea Sponge!

In fact, I have just picked up another 2 more because I like The Face Shop Cleansing Sea Sponge so much!

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