Tuesday, 6 March 2018

All About Lips #159 - Dida Matte Lip Glide

The first of the Dida series, let's start off with the accidental trio - the Dida Matte Lip Glides.

Here are the three shades, Brick, Nectar and Cult. Brick is a limited edition shade, while the others are permanent shades so you are able to get it whenever, preferably with a discount code.

Personally, I love the limited edition packaging of the Matte Lip Glide. I think it is really pretty!

Here is the Dida Matte Lip Glide in Cult. This is everything you get from the lipstick when you twist it all the way up.

As you can see in the picture, the Dida Matte Lip Glide in Cult is not a super matte shade. It is a satin-matte finish.

In fact, after testing this out, I can say that it is comfortable on the lips, leaves a slight stain as it wears off (not super evenly but quite prettily) and is easy to touch up on the go.

Overall, a really pretty shade and a winner in my books.

This is the Dida Matte Lip Glide in Nectar.  Mine looks quite deformed, and it is, because in trying to open it, I flung it halfway across the room, which is why my matte lip glide looks this way - deformed.

It is actually a really orange shade and surprisingly, as I do not generally gravitate towards shades like these, I like this.

This is the Dida Matte Lip Glide in Nectar and if you want to try an orange shade, I think this is a good place to start. It is not too yellow based, and actually does not exacerbate yellow teeth problems.

It may not be a comfort colour for me, but I really like this orange shade.

Finally we have the limited edition shade and this is Dida Matte Lip Glide in Brick. I know I keep going on about it, but this is just a really pretty packaging.

This is the Dida Matte Lip Glide in Brick and this is a truly brick red colour. I would not wear normally wear it with a red top, but I wanted to keep the top consistent, as well as the overall makeup, so that you can see the lipstick for what it is.

Sometimes a true red is more scary to wear, and a brick red is actually an easier way to ease yourself into a red shade.

Personally, I could wear any shades of red and be happy with them and the brick red leans a little more mature and can thin out the lips so if you have small lips but want thick and full lips, a dark lip is probably not the way forward.

So here we are, the 3 shades of the Dida Matte Lip Glides that I picked up. Have you tried these out?

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