Thursday, 15 February 2018

Walmart Haul of Makeup Sponges

My brother recently went to the States so I asked my aunty to please pick up some Ecotools sponges for me as I had read a lot about them and people seem to really love them. So, my aunty is not big on makeup, and I ended up with Walmart sponges, which cracked me up, but I am not ungrateful, so we are going to do reviews on these instead!

Also, I feel like I am compelled to state that she also got me two more packs of the Real Techniques sponges because she knows I really like them, so best interests at heart really! Thank you Mummy Yang Mei! (My aunty is also my godmother, but that is a story for another time).

So the two sets from Walmart are both labelled as Colour Correcting Sponges with Vitamin E. The difference is that the pink and purple set is for correcting dullness and the green and yellow set is for correcting redness!

The sponges from both sets actually somewhat correspond in sizes and some of the shapes are similar, like these two...

The two side sponges both correspond in size and shape but feel different in texture. You might be better able to see it from this picture, where the purple side looks more textured and the yellow sponge looks more tightly packed together.

The big sponge in the middle are of different sizes and completely different shapes! The texture is different in that the pink sponge looks more textured and the green sponge looks more tightly packed together. Do we see a theme yet?

Both sets actually have the same instructions at the back, the only difference being the colour it is written in. They say that you can use it both dry or wet, but I prefer using sponges wet because I just think it looks better and the sponge swells up when it is wet, making it easier to hold as well!

So having all the sponges altogether, let's jump into the comparisons!

Let's start off with comparing the yellow and purple sponge.

Even prior to wetting the sponge, the purple one is quite soft. I really like how squishy it is and it is super soft!

The yellow sponge, in comparison, is not as soft! In fact, it feels quite firm.

So here is a comparison of the two sponges while they are both dry.

Here they are in comparison, with the purple one being wet and has expanded in size.

Here is the green sponge while it is dry

And here it is all wet and grown/expanded. I tried to take it from the exact same position so that you can see the difference in size.

The pink sponge is super soft and squishy after you wet it.

The green sponge, by comparison, feels really firm. Even firmer than the yellow sponges, which are already quite firm comparing to the purple sponges!

In terms of squishiness and firmness, we start off with the pink sponge being the softest, then the purple sponges, and then the yellow ones and the green one being the firmest.

I personally prefer the pink and purple sponges because I find they apply foundation better than their yellow and green counterparts. So if you are picking Walmart's own sponges up, go for the pink and purple set, they are just much better in my opinion!

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