Tuesday, 13 February 2018

All About Lips #156 - RiRe Luxe Cushion Lip Paint in 201

First off, I must apologise that I forgot to do a standalone post for this RiRe Luxe Cushion Lip Paint in 201.

Unfortunately, there is no shade name, just a shade number. If you were wondering about the haul post, you can read it HERE.

The applicator reminds me of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors, in that it is directly from the tube and you squeeze it out onto your lips directly. The applicator, once white and fuzzy, is now very red and fuzzy.

Even though I used to really rate blue-reds or neutral-reds, this is definitely a warmer red, leaning towards a fiery orange red.

I think the warm red is actually very flattering and has a definite brightening effect on the face.

The product is completely matte and does not feel emollient at all, it has almost a powdery look and feel to it, but that makes it quite easy to wear.

What do you guys think about a warmer red?

Personally I really rate this colour. I do wish that RiRe had at least a shade name for it rather than just a shade number. Apart from that, this is a win for me and I often reach for this for a day to day red.

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