Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is one of the brands that I really love and I personally find that it is cheaper in the UK compared to in Malaysia, so I save my shopping for when I have a birthday discount. Yes, I bought these back in December, but I wanted to test them out properly before blogging about it!

First up, because I had bought a bunch of stuff, there was a voucher. Since I lost my voucher the last time, I decided to just use it on the spot and so I picked this up from the cashier area.

The Body Shop British Rose range smells incredible. Coming from someone who is not really big on roses, I love this range very much. Some people think that the body butters from The Body Shop are overrated, but I love them. Non greasy, nourishing and this mini size is easy for travel.

I have been wanting to get this The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub since it launched. Now, I would not recommend using this as a daily shampoo, it is more of a once a week or once a fortnight cleansing scrub.

Even with my sensitive scalp, I find that this did not irritate, which was surprising since I saw that they do contain SLS. The salt grains are almost all small enough to dissolve upon contact with the scalp. There are some that sometimes escape and refuse to dissolve in the scrubbing process though.

I enjoy this and I will say that it leaves the hair and scalp so refreshingly clean and just so fresh!

Do make sure you rinse everything thoroughly and not to overdo it. Just like your skin (be it face or body) you do not want to overscrub and strip it of any oils.

Now, for a favourite from The Body Shop. I cannot do a haul without picking this up because I really enjoy this sunscreen.

The Body Shop has even released a bigger tube now, which is clear to me, that other people love it too!

Featuring a soft tube with a squeezy part for dispensing the product, this product is fluid enough for that and is easy to control. It also smells nice, fresh and floral while not overly fragranced.

The problem is that it is pricier compared to many Japanese sunscreens, which means that people may try to skimp when using it. It is really important to use sufficient sunscreen and not to skimp when it comes to sun protection!

The texture is really liquidy and lightweight. While alcohol features quite high in the ingredients list, it does not sting the eyes or the face at all. I cannot feel the alcohol in the skin but think that it helps with the texture of the product being really lightweight.

Best of all? It dries satin-matte and does not have any flashback. WHAT.

Finally, I picked up 2 face masks to try out. These are RM99 each (but I had a discount code).

They come in glass jars which are actually really beautiful and luxurious.

Let's start with The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask.

All the masks come with an extra white protection lid.

This is a cream mask which has little exfoliating bits. It smells amazing because I love green tea. If you are not a green tea fan or hate it, maybe try another mask as this smells super green and matcha.

A scoop like this is sufficient for your entire face. They say to leave it on for about 10-15 minutes, which is more than sufficient. Do not leave it on for too long as it can start to feel drying.

My skin feels super fresh and soft after using this and I hope more protected! The anti-pollution part is less easy to see and measure, unless you have a device to check on the free radical damage on your skin. Even then, I think it is tough to measure. I did enjoy this regardless.

The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask has that typical British Rose range scent which I adore.

It is actually reminiscent of the Fresh Rose Mask which I really enjoy and my skin just drinks up whenever I use it.

The texture looks similar and you can see rose petals in the jar! I tend to leave this on for longer and sometimes overnight or just let it absorb completely. You can wipe this off after 5-10 minutes as well.  This leaves my skin soft and hydrated without being overwhelmed or too nourished! Perfect for dehydrated skin types.

So that is everything from The Body Shop this time. As I mentioned right at the beginning, I shop at The Body Shop a lot in UK but find it expensive here in Malaysia. I do like the products and respect the brand's ethos.

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