Sunday, 18 February 2018

Innisfree Birthday Gift (VIP status)

Innisfree has a free membership/loyalty programme and if you are like me, a VIP member through sheer investment, you will get a birthday kit during your birthday month!

I often think that it is the little things that make a gift and while I absolutely love getting a present, this message in the box really made me smile.

Now this birthday kit is supposed to be a selection of their bestsellers and it certainly lives up to that!

Having tried all 4 products, I can talk you through it without using these ones.

First up we have the innisfree green tea seed serum which is a really lightweight serum. I personally do not love this because it is too fragranced in my opinion.

The serum sinks into the skin quickly and is quite suitable for oilier to normal skin types. Drier skin types might need something a little more than just this.

The innisfree orchid enriched cream is actually one I quite enjoyed.

Again, this was quite fragranced, which is not my top choice, but the cream feels luxurious in that it is thicker but massages well into the skin.

The innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask is a little too intense for me. I prefer the mousse pack and just the original volcanic range rather than the super volcanic range!

If you are super oily, or need a thorough cleansing, this will certainly be one to look at. I prefer something less intense because I use clay masks quite often anyway.

Finally, we have my favourite product, which is the innisfree no sebum powder. I have bought this in limited edition packaging, which is really cute, and one way to jazz up the handbag.

The powder is not expensive, finely milled and if you tap it on with a puff, helps mattify the makeup without really moving things about. A definite win.

I am thinking of gathering the ones I will not be using up for a giveaway since I was supposed to gift this to my cousin but she came and went all too quickly before I had gotten myself organised!

Are any of these your favourites?

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