Tuesday, 20 February 2018

All About Lips #157 - Belle Journee Tattoo Tint

The Belle Journee Tattoo Tint in Holyday Pink (I still cannot tell if this is a play on words) is very fluorescent pink.

It comes with a regular paddle doe-foot applicator with no real sharp or pointy bits for precise application. The clear packaging means you can see how much product is left.

If you are curious about the haul post, you can read about it HERE.

The lip product is quite sheer and it dries down really fast, while remaining glossy. I was initially quite scared of how bright and fluorescent this looks but I was not going to pass up trying it completely!

While this does nothing for my teeth whatsoever....

I am pretty surprised at how pretty this looks! It is a bright pink that brightens the whole look while looking quite sweet and girly.

This does not reapply evenly but it does wear down very nicely. There is a definite tint when it wears off and the swatch on my hand took plenty of scrubbing before it came off entirely.

One of the reasons I love lip products so much is how it changes the entire look just by this one little change.

Lip tints are a great way to have low or no maintenance makeup because you do not need to top it up all the time of make sure that it is still on. Another way to wear this is to wear this and top up with a different lip product on top and when that wears off, you still have a nice tint to your lips!

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