Thursday, 8 February 2018

Sephora mini haul

Since swearing off Sephora Malaysia online (I had a few terrible experiences with customer service), the sephora hauls have really petered off on my blog. I tend to not be as bad when shopping in store, which is great news for my wallet!

I picked up a few skincare items, in preparation for pre and post travelling skin havoc.

First up is the Sephora Green Clay Mask. I actually did not see that it is an exfoliating one. I like that Sephora offers these pouches as they are handy for travel! There are a few variations but I picked the green one up on a whim.

The nozzle part makes this quite easy to use and control and you can screw it back with a cap to keep the product fresh.

Do not worry as it is not a bright green or anything, in fact, it looks almost grey upon application. It also smells quite fresh and not overly fragranced.

My skin feels fresh after using this and it rinses off easily for a clay mask and you can definitely feel the exfoliating parts. It is not as intense as the Origins clear improvement charcoal mask, but I like this and I want to try the others out.

 I was tempted by the full size of the Origins Drink Up Mask and then noticed they have a Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, and so while I was having trouble deciding which one I wanted, I noticed that Sephora had these at the isle of doom so I thought RM16 for a little pod is a lot BUT it is better than shelling out for a full size product and not liking it.

In fact, 10ml, gives you (give and take) 10 or more all over the face application. You do not need much at all because of the consistency of this mask and if you apply too much, you can see it sitting on the surface of the skin.

It smells almost fruity and has a slightly waxier feel than the original Drink Up Mask. I can still feel it when I wash my face in the morning, but it has definitely left the skin really soft and hydrated. WIN.

I also picked up the Supergoop! Defence Refresh Setting Mist because it offers SPF protection in the form of a mist, which is perfect for topping up on the go or topping up on your SPF protection just before you head out from the office. I like picking up small sizes to try out before I invest in full sizes.

Those are all the products I bought, as this was a birthday gift from Tarte! This is a Sephora Gold Card member birthday gift and I know that the Black card gift is also from Tarte.

In the box, you actually get a mascara, an eyeshadow palette and a liquid lipstick!

Now I have actually owned the Tarte Tartelette Tease palette before and since I am not keen on non-waterproof mascaras, I am actually thinking of gifting these as well as some other goodies in a giveaway post!

The Tarte Tarteist Liquid Lipstick, I am keeping because I love lipsticks and can never just pass it on without playing, swatching and all that.

Finally, I used my 500 point to redeem this reward perk.

The shades are all dark and vampy, which is quite Kat Von D appropriate.

I already own another mini Kat Von D studded lipstick and similarly, this comes in a lethal looking packaging. The finish of this is different in that it is more satin, and a really beautiful berry brown shade.

The Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick is one of the best in the market in my opinion. It dries matte and really does not budge. I do not find it as drying as some others and really enjoy the formula.

The kit comes with 2 eyeliners as well and everything is in a mini size in the little black pouch. I AM EXCITED.

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