Tuesday, 6 February 2018

All About Lips #155 - Make Up For Ever Lip Booster

This is a true holy grail for me. I am never without this in my handbag and I already want to repurchase in case I run out.

The giant doe foot applicator feels really soft and cushiony on the lips. Do not worry about over applying on your lips because the colour is so soft (not like a bright, bold red), you really do not need a precise applicator. This is epic.

See what I mean about a soft colour? It is a really sheer pink that just perks up the looks of your lips without adding much of colour, and plenty of nourishment.

Starting off with no lip product because my lips are slightly stained from lip swatching, and are feeling pretty dang sore.

Adding on the Make Up For Ever Lip Booster just instantly gives comfort and I love the sheen it gives. It is not so much that it looks like makeup, and yet it pulls the whole look together easily. You can wear this with a full makeup look or with no makeup at all, which makes this super versatile.

The Make Up For Ever Lip Booster actually comes in 2 shades, 1 is completely clear and this is the coloured version. I personally love this coloured version because the colour is so flattering and easy to slap on/throw on.

Plus, if any of you follow my instagram (Cherriessballet) you will have seen this a lot on my stories!

I may love lipsticks and new glosses and other lip products, but nothing sways me from this and I love this more than the Dior Lip Glow. This is top shelf/handbag essential.

Ps. I do wish I can see how much product I have left because I keep having anxiety that I will suddenly run out of it. That is my one complain, and that it is not the cheapest thing to get BUT I think it is worth the money.

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