Sunday, 25 February 2018

H&M Beauty

H&M Beauty has launched in the UK for a few years, and about a year ago, it launched in Malaysia. It has taken me a while but I have finally gone to pick up a few pieces, and I managed to get it on a 3 for 2 offer!

First, H&M has a beautiful tote bag for your beauty purchases. It is a simple but beautiful touch. 

Since there was a 3 for 2, I picked up 3 items, and then saw that the Brow Specialist was on a special discount, a purchase with purchase at only RM8, so I picked that up to try as well.

So let's dive into these 4 items - H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher, H&M Cream Lip Colour, H&M Brow Specialist and H&M Perfectionist Finishing Powder.

Not only are the boxes beautiful, the actual products are very beautiful. They are very lightweight, so they are, in that way, good for travel. However, the lack of weight, means that they are not luxurious at all. I do, however, like them for what they are, at the price point that they are.

This is the H&M Brow Specialist in Espresso Brown that I got for RM8 on top of my other purchases. It is a typical pencil which you need to sharpen up and you get a spoolie on the other side.

The H&M Brow Specialist in Espresso Brown was the darkest colour I could find in the pile, and it is quite a cool tone, dark brown. Colour-wise, I think it is a pretty good match and I am quite happy with it.

There is a selection of the Perfectionist Finishing Powder, and the darkest I could find was actually Golden Beige, and is coincidentally the one, which I picked up. So that effectively tells you, it really is not a wide range at all.

I mean, look at this shade, how is this the darkest shade of finishing powder available?

I am hoping that it is just the H&M I visited at 1Utama, and that other places actually have a wider selection of powder. However, I actually really love the powder. The slight tint means it melts into the skin completely and it is very finely milled and very nice indeed.

The colour is golden in nature and you can see from the swatch that it is finely milled. The packaging comes with a mirror, which I really like, and it is very handy. Like all the other packaging, it is very lightweight, it photographs well but is not the most luxurious thing ever.

The H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush in Warm Desert is so beautiful.  The cream version is white in packaging but the powder blush is in black packaging. It can be a bit of a fingerprint magnet but nothing a quick wipe will not fix.

This H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush in Warm Desert is actually a warm mauve shade. It is warmer and darker than your typical dusty pink, but it is an easy shade to wear, especially if you are medium-ish skin tone rather really fair, or really tanned (you will probably need a brighter shade).

As you can see, the shade is pretty and on a golden skin tone, this blush would just about bring out the flush of the cheeks. I like pinks on my cheeks, but this sort of warmer shade is also very pretty and more suited to when the overall makeup look is quite warm.

Here is a blended out swatch of the blush, next to the slightly more concentrated, unblended swatch. You can see that from this, this could easily work as a prettier version of a contour. It will not give you the same chiselling but because it has those tones, it definitely gives you an option.

Finally, we have the H&M Creme Lipstick in Creme Chestnut which I was worried about being to light on my skin but I really like the colour when I saw it.

Here is the H&M Creme Lipstick in Creme Chestnut and is she not a beauty? The packaging is on point, well done H&M.

And here is the swatch of the actual product. Expect to see more details soon as I definitely want to go into more detail with this.

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