Tuesday, 27 February 2018

All About Lips #158 - Dida

I have read a great deal about Dida and it was is stocked on Zalora and I had a voucher, so I did what every normal person would do, right? I placed an order for an array of lip products.

The package arrived and some of the stickers peel off but some do not, so sadly I am left with really ugly boxes that do not photograph well. Frankly, they look ugly in real life, with some of the boxes looking pretty battered up.

So here are some better photos of the products! I actually ended up picking up 2 matte lip glides and 1 limited edition matte lip glide, making that 3 matte lip glides in total. That was an accidental slip up as I was trying to get as many different products as I could, not 3 of the same thing.

I did fare a little better with the other 2 products I picked up as it is a Matte Lip Creme and a Liqyuid Lipstick - to date, I have no idea if the spelling is intentional.

The swatches from left to right : Creme Liqyuid Lipstick in Madly, Liquid Lipstick in Flirt, Matte Lip Glides - Cult, Nectar, Brick at intensity and at one swipe.

This swatch is more to show that the Creme Liqyuid Lipstick has quite a glossy finish, compared to the Liquid Lipstick which dries down completely matte. The Matte Lip Glide is a satin-matte finish, compared to a flat matte.

Here is a sneak peek of the products and what is to come.

Here is a look of the Liquid Lipstick, and the packaging is really pretty and photogenic. It is actually quite lightweight and plastic, definitely portable.

The Creme Liquid Lipstick is actually similar in packaging and you could not tell just by looking at it, that it is completely different in formula. However, I go into more detail in the next few posts. Stay tune!

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