Sunday, 7 January 2018

Sephora Point Perks

This is my last (and final) Sephora Malaysia online haul and while a lot of the things I picked up and redeemed have been such a hit, the customer service from Sephora Malaysia online left a bad taste in my mouth (which I have hinted at/mentioned on my instagram) so I will tell you more about it here.

Both things I picked up and kept are skincare items from Mario Badescu. This is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater which is a lovely alternative to the pricier Caudalie Organic Grape Water. This is a repurchase and I already know that I like this a lot, hence why I picked it up again.

The Mario Badescu A.H.A Botanical Body Soap is a new discovery for me and it smells really fresh and citrusy. I am hoping this would help clear out my bacne and the scarring it has left behind.

Now let us run through the products I redeemed with my points online!

This Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash initially confused me as I used it as I thought it was the actual exfolikate product but it is actually the daily wash. This foams up a lot in my hands but do not feel stripping on my skin. It smells really citrusy and is a delight to use! This was actually a free sample with the order.

I like Skininc as a skincare brand so when I saw this Get Glowin Platinum Mask which came in two separate sachet for the U zone and the T zone, I was really drawn to it and decided to redeem it to try out!

Since I tried out the Boscia Clear Complexion Moisturiser, I decided to try out the Boscia Clear Complexion Treatment hence the redemption of 100 points!

I was really happy to see the First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Primer Moisturiser because this is relatively new and it smells really delicious! I am a little confused as to whether this should go on before my sunscreen or after, and I only use it in the day time since it doubles as a primer. It is a little sticky but that is probably the primer side of things.

I have heard a lot about Supergoop! as a brand so when I saw this Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen, there was no stopping me. This smells very sunscreen like and it feels slightly oily after a few hours. I prefer The Body Shop Skin Defence and the Biore Sunscreen which I keep going on about, so this is a pass for me.

So Gloss Moderne is a pretty pricey brand that is offered on Sephora, so when I saw this Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Masque up for redemption, I was all over it. I will report back to you on this!

Now the rest of the items were all 100 points redemption, but the Estee Lauder Beauty Must Have was a 500 point reward.

I think it is totally worth the points for the amount of items you receive!

There is quite a lot of packaging and it feels really luxurious!

Now I plan to try all the skincare and report back on this properly, but the Estee Lauder Modern Muse has been gifted to my friend as it is a little sweet/heavy for me and I think and hope she will like it.

The skincare looks so pretty altogether and is really highly rated on the beauty world. I believe it is still available for redemption and I think it is totally worth it!

The only makeup I picked up and kept was the Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw, which was actually a 100 points perk. I think this is a really good deal.

I actually picked up the Becca Lowlight Sculpting Palette but it arrived looking as if it had been touched/used/swatched and so I reached out to Sephora's Customer Service, who was 1. rude, 2. implied that I am a difficult customer who is always complaining about "broken" items. The issue here is that I have had 1 other problematic eyeshadow palette (It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Palette that came with one eyeshadow broken), and one time Sephora dicked me over about my free sample by sending me an empty box. Yes, an empty box. I have spent thousands at Sephora (yes, again, sadly this is true) per year and for them to throw such a big fuss when the product really looks dodgy, is just bad customer service.

I reached out to Becca Cosmetics directly and they were super helpful and really empathetic. Eventually, after almost... 3 months? Sephora finally agreed to take the product back in exchange for a refund but by that point, the whole experience had left a bad taste in my mouth.

That was the point when I swore off Sephora online, even during the Sephora Black & Gold members' private sale and all sorts of promotions. No more, goodbye Sephora Malaysia online.
(Yes, I cannot help myself when it comes to the physical store, I am still drawn in)

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