Tuesday, 9 January 2018

All About Lips #151 - Lush Liquid Lipstick in Perspectief

So Lush does makeup, that is not new but this Lush Liquid Lipstick in Perspectief is certainly new to me!

The packaging is actually really adorable and I love that this glass bottle shows you the actual product colour. Obviously like all liquid lipsticks, the actual product will be slightly darker/oxidised when you apply it.

Now when you first look at this and you may be unsure of the packaging (is it a dropper?!), it actually opens up to reveal a teeny doe foot applicator!

Here is a swatch of the Lush Liquid Lipstick in Perspectief so that you can see that it is slightly darker on the swatch than the bottle colour. It is actually a mauve colour on the lips and easily worn day to day. It is also all food-grade ingredients because it is Lush so you know that it is very safe and you can go to town with your meals without ingesting too many dodgy ingredients that you have no idea how to pronounce, let alone what they are.

This was a present from Putu (pictured but neither of us are wearing the Lush Liquid Lipstick in the polaroid), thank you for the really cute gift!

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