Thursday, 11 January 2018

Althea #5

I do really love receiving boxes from Althea because they pack your items in a beautiful pink box and it just always feels really special.

These Boom De Ah Dah masks were really quite cheap so I picked up a few to try - 2 firming and 2 brightening.

So far I have tried out the Rice Everyday Mask Brightening one is not bad but it is a little too fragranced for my personal liking.

Now onto the It's My Magic Sponge and It's My Cushion which came recommended! These are really affordable as well so it is not a real loss if you do not like it.

I have one love and one not so much, any guesses before I tell you?

I did not actually enjoy the It's My Magic Sponge. It does expand quite a bit when wet but it just feels quite hard/tough/dense even when it is damp and takes a lot of effort to bounce the makeup on. I even tried to swipe on makeup with this and nothing quite works.

The It's My Puff I am so glad that I picked 2 up and I am planning to pick 1 or 2 more up because I like to use it to blend my foundation out, and then using this to add powder on top as well. I also wash after every use, hence why I like to have extras lying around so that there is actually time for them to dry properly.

It is light, compact, blends foundation out beautifully and is easier to wash than sponges so this is clearly a win in my books.

I am repurchasing this beauty (when it comes back into stock!)

This SkinFood Black Sugar Mask is a repurchase as I really enjoy it. I do find that it exfoliates and leaves the skin feeling super soft.

The main reason for the purchase was to stock up on the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. I have already finished mine and love it to bits and waiting to repurchase. I also picked up extras for friends to try out because I have a feeling they will love this too.

Apart from the beautiful packaging (which is always a big bonus), the Althea Petal Velvet Powder is soft, easy to transport with and has a very pleasant floral scent.

This was one of the new things in Althea so there was a discount on this and I thought I would try it out. Why not right?

A lot of the Korean makeup come sealed with a little seal that is easy to remove and you will clearly be able to see if the seal has been tampered with.

This Nakeup Face Glam Fixer + Mist is actually pretty great. I like that it comes in a 50ml bottle so that you can tote this around easily. It is a plastic bottle but looks really nice with a slight translucent bottle. The spritz is quite fine so I like that about it. I do find that it helps set makeup into place. If you are looking for something super dewy or mattifying, this is not it. It is just a setting spray but I like it. I am thinking of refilling this bottle as well.

Finally we have this ACONCEPT Blending Brush.

The brush itself is shorter than my other eyeshadow brushes but looks quite sleek in that it is black and looks decently made. It does feel really light so it is good for travel.

However the bristles can feel scratchy from certain angles and positions. The bristles are also sort of too sparse to really blend out things properly. I find it better for application of eyeshadows rather than blending.

Some hits and misses this time but I have already placed another order with Althea.. #shopaholictendencies

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