Saturday, 13 January 2018

Naturals by Watsons Paw Paw Body Lotion

The Naturals by Watsons range has had a makeover and the new packaging is so much better! It looks sleeker and is more representative of the fruit they are advertising.

There are a few different scents and "flavours" and they all offer different  benefits. I picked up the Pawpaw scent (pawpaw is essentially papaya) and it is a repairing lotion. I know the papaya/pawpaw has very high Vitamin C so repairing seems very appropriate.

This is how the pump looks once you have removed the plastic that secures it, and twist it open. I think that the faux wooden bit makes it look very nice. It is not real wood, just made to look like wood.

Now at the back of the bottle, you do get to see the ingredient list.The reason I like the Naturals by Watsons range is that it is free from paraben, mineral oil, silicones, colourants and isothiazolinone (what even is this). For me, I don't mind mineral oil but I would prefer not to have it and limit products with mineral oil to lotion for my legs.

The actual lotion is not super liquidy but it is not thick either. It is almost like a gel-cream consistency and when you smooth it over your limbs/body/wherever, it sinks in quickly.

There is no residue afterwards and you get the fragrance lingering (so don't pick a scent you do not like!)

I enjoyed using this but will point out that I am not very fussy about body lotions. In Malaysia I like products that are light but feel moisturising on the skin without drowning or suffocating it. My mum really likes this too so I have gifted this particular one to her and will steal some for my own usage whenever I can!

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