Saturday, 20 January 2018

Korean haul

If I start off by admitting that these are not even my items or my haul, will you judge me?

The truth is, these all belong to my friend Yee Ling, but after she showed the haul to me, I totally hijacked it to show you how adorable the items are!

If you are wondering, these are all pen holders/pencil cases! The purple one you can slip over your notebook's cover and it has a pen holder bit and the side has a zip to put extra bits in. This is amazing. The peach one is of a similar idea but is much smaller in size. The little green one is a regular pencil case.

And in the pencil case, we have this super adorable cat pen!

I mean, how can you not love this? I was really tempted to keep this for myself. Whooops.

Now these are all still in their plastic sleeves and packagings because these are all gifts. The polar bear little pouch bag is super cute and the pineapple mirror is perfect on the go!

Now, this is the part that I realise my friend definitely has a problem with notepads and Moleskin. When you combine Moleskin with notepad, she has even more issues.

I mean who buys 4 notebooks just for the sake of it?!

Although, the diary was pretty much the cheery on top. It is really cute and I think having a diary that you really love helps you to be diligent in writing in it.

There are different segments and different colours in the diary.

Obviously, every part of this diary just screams cute.

There is a ribbon down the diary, like many of the standard diaries.

I think we have waffle on long enough about this diary, but literally every page has a slightly different design and it is brilliant.

The last of the notebooks is this Moleskin City Notebook, that actually has the map of London inside, including the tube map and actual map. I think it is nice, but since I actually need the map to track where I am and to turn with me, I shall stick to my online maps!

The plaster/band-aids on the other hand, are so cute that I probably will never have the heart to use them. I especially love the little square blue ones!

Now, onto even more exciting bits, these are probably my favourite things of the bunch. So much that I actually asked for one. Any idea what these are actually?

The Penguin Paper Clips are just the cutest ever. There is also the Penguin tape where you jazz up any of the things you have. You can even wrap it around your charging cable to protect it from breaking as quickly.

I am not sure how many you get in here, I can technically start counting, but I will admit I was kindly given one Penguin paperclip after asking for it.

Finally, we have this very adorable diffuser which is actually even cuter if it is even possible, when it is lit up. I am actually thinking of painting a face onto my own diffuser. It is one of those typical long and skinny ones but I think a face will still make it really cute.

Finally, the one thing that was actually bought for me. The Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Powder, not the Penguin stamp.

The Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Powder is not new on this blog, but it has had a makeover packaging wise, which makes it look a lot better now. Previously it was just in a little green plastic pot, which err-ed on sort of trying to be cute? Very portable but now it is still portable but much sleeker and better looking!

I'll be sure to use this and thank you Yee Ling for picking this up for me. The Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Powder actually has a green apple scent, which makes it really pleasant to use and it is really good at controlling oil so if you are oily, this is one to look at!

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