Thursday, 18 January 2018

Hermo #7

I use a few online retailers in Malaysia and since I am no longer shopping online with Sephora, I shop more with Hermo and Althea. Hermo has super speedy delivery! Plus Cosrx is a brand sold exclusively on Hermo (Althea does not sell this brand) and Waso is Japanese, so Althea being a Korean brand, definitely does not sell Waso!

Starting off with the Waso purchase, the Shiseido Waso Quick Gentle Cleanser is actually a repurchase, but with a catch. I purchased this for my friend Yee Ling to try out. If she does not like it, I'll buy it from her. If she likes it, I will get another for myself.

I did pick this cleanser up when Hermo was doing a gift with purchase so I managed to nab two minis along! The two minis are the Shiseido Waso Colour-Smart Day Moisturiser Oil-Free and the Shiseido Waso Fresh Jelly Lotion. I already own the Fresh Jelly Lotion so this could work as a travel size that I can refill!

The Shiseido Waso Colour-Smart Day Moisturiser Oil-Free is actually just the oil-free version of the current one I have (which is orange).

The product comes out white with a tinge of grey and you do have to blend it out for it to turn skin tone.

I actually compared this with the Shiseido Waso Colour Smart Day Moisturiser (orange tube) and the colour they turn are exactly the same. I need to test this out on my face and see if my face is less oily or if it is better.

I believe this is my 4th packet of the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch and I love it. I have not finished all the rest off but I always want to have this wherever I am, so I have this in all the places I stay over often at.  This is great, effective yet gentle.

Finally, I thought I would try out the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser since it comes recommended by quite a few bloggers that I trust on skincare. The packaging is simple and no nonsense, which I quite appreciate.

After removing the safety foil seal, I squeezed a bit of the product out and the first thing that hit me was the tea tree scent. It is quite a hefty tea tree scent so if you are not a tea tree fan (like me) you probably will not like this. I am still going to give this a proper run for its money because I think it would be a really good one and I might be able to look past the scent. It does not suds up much and feels gentle and non-drying or stripping. Promising!

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