Sunday, 21 January 2018

Amway Artistry Makeup

I have a friend who is an Amway consultant (is that what we call them?) and I promised to pick some bits up and after a really long time, I have finally picked a few things I wanted to try. Just to put things in perspective, these 5 items have cost me just over RM300. How does that even happen.

Well the thing is makeup is expensive, and the Amway Artistry range is not cheap. There are 4 items here but 1 is an eyeliner, 1 is a loose powder and the other 2 are actual brow products (see below for more information).

The only haircare product I picked up was this Amway Satinique Revitalising Mask and as soon as I received the product, I noticed that silicones actually is an ingredient that is quite high on the list. Now I have a love-hate relationship with silicones. My hair likes it and looks glossy when I use silicones but I think it has a long term detrimental effect on my hair. Grrrr.

It does come in a whooping 240g in a tube so you cannot travel with this, but this is the best kind of packaging for this product because it is easily squeezed out and you can store this easily without the product being bulky.

The actual product feels quite silicone-y and the scent is divine. I do plan to use this up regardless of the ingredient list.

Not let's head onto the makeup items!

Now starting with the duo product. Basically the eyebrow holder comes without the actual eyebrow pencil, so you have to buy the refill to put it in.

So here you can see the eyebrow holder, which looks really sleek, and the actual eyebrow refill is in an additional packaging to keep it sanitised and not dry out while in the box.

The automatic eyebrow pencil holder comes with a spoolie on one end, so I am already impressed with this. The caps on both sides are interchangeable and so it is easy to use.

You can pick two shades for the actual eyebrow product, I picked the shade Soft Black, which is the darker shade. The refill pops in super easily, with no difficulty and clicks into place to stay secure. I like this a lot.

I love this for my brows and have been reaching for this everyday since I picked it up! No guesses on what I will be repurchasing! If you follow me on instagram, most days on stories I do reach for this. I will say that if you have sparser brows you may not like that this is not as waxy. I have quite a lot of brow hairs so don't actually need my brow pencils to feel too waxy.

The Amway Artistry Signature Colour Longwearing Eye Pencil comes in a few colours and I picked the colour brown, because I am exciting like that.

The Amway Artistry Signature Colour Longwearing Eye Pencil is actually a wooden type pencil which you have to sharpen, and you have a smudger on the other end. I am not a fan of the smudger personally, I find it hard to smudge the liner out even though it works.

The shade brown, is brown. No shockers there, but this was surprisingly creamy! I really enjoy this and it is dark enough, without being too warm or too cool. It is a really good shade that is not black.

The top swatch is the automatic eyebrow pencil in soft black, followed by multiple scribbles of the eyeliner and a one-swipe of the eyeliner to see if you can build up the pigmentation and whether it works well if you layer it.

The Amway Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder comes in two shades. You can either choose translucent or medium. The shade range on this is pretty appalling but maybe out of Asia there are moire choices? Although I am really not sure.

So far, the packaging on all the makeup items from the Amway Artistry range has been very beautiful and very impressive. I think the design has been well thought out and it looks classy.

I don't actually use the powder puffs that come along but I like the inclusion because it will help keep the loose powder in place after you remove the safety seal (which you have to, to get to the powder)

Now this powder is actually really finely milled which works well. I do find that the holes are really small, which makes the pouring of the powder out onto the cap quite difficult, which means I get quite rough with it and then suddenly there is powder everywhere on the table and floor and since I picked up Medium, it is really obvious.

The shade Medium is actually too dark for me so I will probably recommend this for anyone who is Mac NC35 onwards (obviously not if you are quite tanned since this will not work). If you are fairer than Mac NC35, this will be too dark for you, you are better off with translucent. I made this work by using it with foundations that are too light for me and it is beautiful.

So now we are ending with some new discoveries and to wish you a very Happy New Year for the year ahead! Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy the blogposts in the years to come!

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