Thursday, 25 January 2018

Empties #45

I think it may be best to do empties post once in a while and to keep on top of it, rather than having to bore you all at one shot.

The Phyto Supreme Oil is actually really good. Some reviews have said that it is really lightweight and I am just like WHAT. This is the heaviest duty hair oil I have used which is not straight up almond or coconut oil. I like that it is heavy as I feel like my hair is really shiny and smooth when I use this. I do have to use it on damp hair as it is way too much on dry hair. I would repurchase as a little goes a long way.

Space NK sells candles and they are really nice. This is the one in Citrus Mint and it was a complete joy to burn.
The Wet Brush is really nice on wet hair as it does not tug and it gentle. I like it but mine is falling apart.

Some random razor that has gone blunt and so I am recycling it.

The Aesop Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment was what started me on scalp treatments and is a repurchase. It is soothing on itchy scalps and definitely works.

MooGoo Milk Shampoo - dislike, it is really drying on the hair and gets it all matted up together. I have never used a shampoo like this?

MooGoo Cream Conditioner - this makes the hair really soft even if the shampoo matts it all up. However there is a scent to it that I am not the biggest fan.

MooGoo  Skin Milk Udder Cream - This stuff is amazing and I really love this for a moisturiser as well as for quick itch relief.

I used to love this James Brown Intensive Moisture Mask but I have a feeling that they discontinued it since I cannot find it anymore. In fact, the whole range seems to have disappeared? When I saw it on clearance I picked up all the intensive moisture masks as my hair drinks this up.

PureBeauty Treatment Hair Mask is another one I would repurchase as it is nice. I don't think it's as intensive as a hair mask, more like a good conditioner but it is not expensive so I would repurchase.

This Head&Shoulders Dry Scalp Care is really gentle on the scalp but I do think my scalp grew reliant on it in that I could not change to other shampoos without going through a transition period. As I do not like my scalp to rely on any one shampoo, I was not as keen on this. So good for a wuick fix but can make your hair dependant on it.

These are actually all from JW Marriott when I stayed over. The entire range is so nice that even though this is the second time I have stayed there and so used these, I still love them.

Aromatherapy Associates Shampoo with Rosemary & Ylang Ylang - I have really sensitive scalp but this was not too bad for my scalp. It starts to react on longer term usage but I can definitely use it for 3-5 times without any issues. It smells so good.

Aromatherapy Associates Conditioner with Rosemary & Ylang Ylang - Not the most hydrating of conditioners but ok in a pinch, the scent is the seller here.

Aromatherapy Associates Body Wash with Lavender & Ylang Ylang - An absolute win, I love this so much and it definitely puts me to sleep.

Aromatherapy Associates Body Lotion with Lavender & Ylang Ylang - The lotion has the same scent which is nice and is not sticky on the skin. It feels very lightweight.

The SpaceNK LifeNK Balancing Body Lotion is actually not bad but the packaging needs work. It was quite hard to get product out of the tube, which then made it a chore to use. The actual scent is nice and the product decent.

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion - I had this in the deep blue intense version but prefer this normal skin version. It is a quick moisturiser, perfect for when you have showered and just need a quick protector.

Maybelline the falsies push up drama waterproof mascara - I love this a lot as it gives volume and holds up a curl. It is good for separating lashes too but I think I might actually prefer the purple angel version!

Nars Pro Prime Eyeshadow Primer - My favourite eyeshadow primer of all time. This definitely feels like a silicone formula, but it really helps with the eyeshadow. It is too pricey, so I tend to try out other products but if you can afford it, it is definitely one to try.

The H&M Gossamer Lip Stain is a really beautiful colour but the stain was not the most even and I always forget I am wearing a lip stain and wipe my mouth really roughly. Whoops.

The Natural Bar Rosy Tint Lip Balm is nice but it has started to smell a bit off so I am saying goodbye to it.

It Cosmetics CC Cream in Medium - This was the reason I went out to get a deluxe size of the product, so you know it is a good one.

It Cosmetics No.50 Serum Collagen Veil Anti-Aging Primer - I love this so much as a primer. It feels great on the skin but is really pricey so I did not purchase it. I do love this.

Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Solution - I like both this blue cap and the red cap. I think I may prefer this blue cap version that bit more. It removes makeup gently and does not irritate the skin. In fact, I find this version quite cooling and soothing on the skin.

Silkygirl Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover - This was really oily and messy to use so I certainly will not be purchasing the full size!

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads - This works a treat on non-waterproof eye makeup. It removes everything easily, literally swipe and it is gone! However, waterproof mascara and you face all sorts of trouble.

I use eye drops so this Renu one was expired and time to bin. It was nice but nothing really special.

The Aquafresh Extreme Clean Polishing Action plus Whitening Toothpaste was super fresh but I did not find it whitening or otherwise.

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