Saturday, 27 January 2018

Zoeva Eyeshadow Prime

I am a firm believer of eyeshadow primers, having seen the difference in vibrance and longevity it can give to an eyeshadow, I hardly ever wear eyeshadow without primer!

I have actually had the Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear for quite a while, which means that I have given it quite a thorough testing.

White it is not my favourite eyeshadow primer (looking at Nars pro prime) it is travel friendlier than Nars and a steady number of its own!

The small tip means that you almost never oversqueeze the product, partly because it is actually quite hard, as opposed to a gentle squeeze and half the tube is out.

A pin size is all you want for both eyes, as you will need to blend this out or risk having really pale yellow eyelids if you end up using this solely for your eyeliner to stay put!

Once blended out, it is virtually undetectable on my eyelids (provided a small amount is used). It leans warmer, which suits my complexion but those who are more medium tan skin tone might find this to be too light on them.

First I used this with a cream glittery eyeshadow. The top swatch is without the Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear and the bottom swatch is with the Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear.

The Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear clearly gives the eyeshadow more to hold on to, which gives it a bit more pigmentation intensity.

Then I tested it with a duochrome powder eyeshadow (bottom swatch with Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear ) and again the primer gives the eyeshadow something to adhere to, intensifying the vibrancy.

If you plan to do intricate blending work, I will recommend using an all over lighter shade over the primer first as it will certainly cause the eyeshadow to grab and be harder to blend due to the adherence.

The same adherence that causes eyeshadow to blend a little funny, is the reason for pigmentation intensity, vibrancy and making the removal of the eyeshadows more difficult! This is proven when I use a makeup removal wipe and very gently wiped on all 4 stripes and only the ones with Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear underneath held on.

Overall, I like the Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear but I still have a soft spot for Nars Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base Primer. This is better for travelling due to its size but may not suit everyone due to the colour. I like that it is matte but some people prefer having a sheen, in which case, Urban Decay would be your call!

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