Thursday, 28 December 2017

Muji Sensitive Skincare Repurchase

Muji has all sorts of Christmas gifts but I picked up just one to show you. Obviously I gravitated towards the skincare one, but you have the choice of stationery and skincare.

So in this little clear plastic travel case, you get a organic cotton face towel, a face soap, a beating net (omg what sort of name is this), so all in all, 4 items which I will use!

The beating net is good for creating bubbles and suds with products that do not actually foam up as much, as it gives a gentle exfoliation. The netting also means that I will be able to dry this out really quickly, which is great because bacteria breeds if you leaves things damp or wet lying around.

Then you get a face soap. This one does not say sensitive skin or anything but it is really gentle.

The organic cotton face towel is actually huge. I am somewhat confused at why the face towels at Muji are more than double of the hand towels! So frankly I always buy the hand towels to use as face towels because of the better sizing.

Apart from the Christmas gift, I picked up 3 full size products from the sensitive skin range because of the 10% off (it ends today, 28th December 2017 so hurry and go!)

I also picked up pumps for the products. These were not on sale, but it is really quite important to have the pumps because the products are 400ml (huge) and so really hard to simply tilt and pour out. Having a pump is just so much easier.

All the pumps fit the 400ml products but if you really purchase them for the smaller, there are ruler markings on the little card that comes along and you can trim them to fit!

So I picked the biggest pump for the Muji Light Toning Water in Light. This pump is for usage with cotton pads.

If you use the pump straight on without a cotton pad, product is pretty much going to be flying across the room, so please do not do this. You can test this out at Muji stores. =P

The pump has a cover to keep things hygienic. When you open the cap, the actual pump has a twist-lock so just take a closer look before you start pounding on your pump wondering why it does not work.

Once you have it twisted to unlock, just put a cotton pad, and then pump down!

I find one pump to be sufficient product on my cotton pad.

This is when I take the cotton pad, swipe it around my face and then cap the pump!

Then I have the Muji Light Toning Water in Moisture, which I got a spray pump to go along with!

This also has a little cap to keep it hygienic. Basically I spritz this on my face in between serum and moisturiser and whenever for a little refresher and to keep my hydration levels up.

Finally we have the pump for the Muji Moisturising Milk in Moisture.

After affixing the pump, as usual, you have a little cap to keep things hygienic.

This is one pump and it is sufficient for your whole face. I find it better to pat it on. Sometimes I swipe it on and then pat it all in.

That is it for my Muji updated haul! If you like a pared back routine, look no further!

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