Saturday, 30 December 2017

Empties #43 - Bodycare

So now that we have done skincare and makeup empties, it is finally time to do bodycare empties!

Starting off with the Organic Touch Malaysia Organic Rose Scrub and the Organic Touch Malaysia Organic Coffee Scrub. I prefer the Rose Scrub, even though I totally thought that I would like the Coffee Scrub more. The scent of the Rose Scrub is lovely without being overpowering and the sugar scrubs are really effective. The coffee one just seems to stick together and random stuff. I still enjoyed it,but no where near as much as I loved the Rose Scrub.

The Molton Brown Ultra Pure Milk Soaps are truly delightful. I really enjoy how gentle these are and while they are for the face, I tend to use it on my body and to wash my brushes (it is brilliant for brush washing).

The Aromatherapy Associate Bath Minerals came with a stay at JW Marriot in Kuala Lumpur and these are lush. I do empty the whole packet into one bath and it smells so soothing and relaxing. I love this and bath minerals and salts are less drying than bubble baths.

The Molton Brown White Sandalwood Body Wash & Nourishing Body Lotion  is quite unisex in its scent and I did enjoy these. I like using corresponding body lotions with their body washes because you smell extra good!

The Clarins Bath & Shower Concentrate I really did not enjoy. There is a scent in this that really makes me gag. It is actually quite nice in that it is not drying on the skin at all, but there is nothing worse than not liking a scent of a product and having to use it. UGH.

The Bionsen Mineral Protective Deodorant is a firm favourite. I really love this and I have so many back up bottles that it is quite silly. I will forever talk about how much I love this and it smells so fresh, is not an anti-perspirant. I love this.

The Natural Bar Natural Deodorant is a solid stick which you twist up and I am not sure what in it, maybe the frankincense, but it smells so good and citrusy and just amazing. It is quite different from the Bionsen one but I did really enjoy this and when I was running out I was so upset. I would love to repurchase if I am next in Brunei!

The Sheraton Shower Gels are really nice. They smell fresh without being overwhelming. I love using these up after using them in the hotel (I used to go to the gym and swim there).

The Korres Guava Showergel is really lovely as well. There is a musk kick after the fruity top notes. I do really like it but I am not sure if the full size will be too pricey to be able to justify purchasing.

The Shokubutsu shower foam is a classic in most households. I particularly love the Shokobutsu Green Tea Harmony and this just feels really cleansing without being stripping on my body. It is very bubbly and foamy! Yay!

The Himalaya Herbals Protecting Neem & Turmeric Body Wash is all gone but I have already repurchased this in the 400ml bottle. Enough said.

As you can clearly see from her, the Ettina Cleansing Balls is really not a favourite. The idea is that you can take them around in the smaller bottle provided, and use them as facial cleanser, shampoo or even clothes detergent but this is crumbly and does not foam properly and goes gooey and weird. NO.

I have had the Claire Organics Healing Balm for a while now and I really love it. I bring it around with me for a lot for bites and itches. It is good in a pinch and does bring down the itch immediately.

The Seeds Natural Buzz Away is a spray version of a insect repellent and I like that this is a homegrown brand and that I am not worried about using it near my pet or any children. It is excellent. I cannot vouch that it works without a doubt, but when I have used this, even the sandflies have not bitten me until I rinsed my limbs (that obviously washes the insect repellent away).

The Seeds Natural Botanico Mild Body Wash is amazing. Can we please have this in 500ml or 1 litre bottles? It is really lovely on the body with a gentle scent. I thoroughly enjoyed this and want to repurchase again!

The Pascussi Cucumber Gel is really lightweight and cooling on the skin. It is one of those summer treats. It can feel sticky if you apply too much, but if you go in with a light layer, it is cooling, refreshing and hydrating on the skin.

I adore the Caudalie Divine Oil  and I will forever repurchase this. FOREVER.

This Molton Brown Water Mint Body Wash was a beautiful blue before it was all used up. It smells quite unisex and can be used by anyone. It foams beautifully, is not stripping and was a nice body wash all in all.

I picked up the Guardian Aloe Vera Gel because I had a pretty bad sunburn and needed a gel to cool it down immediately. This ticked all the boxes and the packaging was a breeze to use. I would repurchase.

This Claire Organics Calming Lavender Face/Body Oil  is placed in the bodycare because that is how I used it mainly. I did not really use it on my face because it is more of a substantial oil and I enjoyed it on my body, especially my legs.

The VMV Know-It-Oil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a no nonsense coconut oil. Coconut oil turned out to be pretty brilliant on sunburnt skin. It really helped the healing of the injured skin. Apart from that, coconut oil is good as a pre-wash for hair and as lip balm. I enjoyed this while I had it! It stayed as a liquid in this Malaysian weather so I had no issue pouring it out to use at all.

The L'occitane Amande Milk Concentrate is beautiful on the skin. They are particularly brilliant on scaly or dry legs but you would enjoy it all over the body, trust me! I also love the almond oil that is part of this range. It is just a really brilliant range well done.

The Nivea Intensive Nourishment Quick Absorption Creme was so nice that I picked up the 200ml tub after trying the travel size. It has the classic Nivea scent and I really enjoy it. You can use it on the face, body and hands but I tend to just use it on my body.

The Thann Orange & Tangerine Hand Wash I technically use as a body wash and I really love it because the citrus scent is so fresh! I do not love the Thann Aromatic Wood Body Lotion as much but it goes well with the hand wash and is quite a gender-neutral scent. I prefer fruitier scents in general.

This TonyMoly Natural Green Hand Cream Shea Butter was a gift from my boss and it is actually really lightweight on the hands. It is not the most nourishing hand cream on earth, but the light feeling means that it does not feel sticky at all. The scent is quite fresh, not heavy at all.

The Johnson's Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion is really lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin. This smells quite fresh but I personally love the scent of the Johnson's 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion. I also prefer the slightly thicker cream of this. I would repurchase the Body Lotion.

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