Thursday, 14 December 2017

Melvita Christmas Gift Sets 2017

Like many other companies, Melvita is doing all sorts of Christmas gifts and the theme is all about giving organic!

Starting off with the gift that I actually bought for myself (yes, it is totally ok during Christmas!), I picked this gift up and actually opted for the paper wrapping to show you! It is actually very pretty and you do not need to wrap it up any further.

Inside is the Delicate Roses Gift Set, which retails at RM98 for products which are worth RM119!

First up you have the really beautiful Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water which is one of their bestsellers! The mist is really fine and this can be taken with you when you travel, even on planes!

Then we have the Melvita Rose Perfume which I had no intention of purchasing but when the sales assistant applied this on my wrist, I was instantly smitten.

This perfume oil sinks in quickly and it is not sticky and the greasy feeling dissipates almost instantly. So it has a nourishing feel, with none of the oil slick!

The rollerball applicator is handy and the small size means it is easily kept in the handbag and is really pretty to pull out!

I think this set is simple yet beautiful, a sure winner!

This is the Bottle Of Roses Gift Set and it retails at RM78 and is worth RM90!

I have actually picked this for my mum because she wanted a hand cream and this comes with a few added bits!

There is actually a Melvita Firming Oil in it, which I have actually never really heard or seen about, so that should be interesting.

There is also another oil, which can be used on my hair, face and body! Handy, especially on a weekend away!

Then you have another travel-sized Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water, I did say that it is a bestseller!

Finally, the star product is the Melvita Light Hand Cream Hydrating which smells like roses. I tried the other scents but felt that my mum would appreciate this the most.

With every single purchase, not only are the sales assistants really helpful, you also get samples with purchases! From experience, they are never stingy with samples, and it is a great way to try new things out.

First up is the relative new Melvita Plumping Radiance Sorbet Serum which looks interesting and pretty nice!

The Melvita Hydrating Day Cream I have tried and really enjoy, definitely something I would purchase.

Finally we have the Melvita Firming Oil which is mainly for the body and while I do not expect it to really smooth over dimpled skin (hello cellulite thighs) I think it will be very nourishing and lovely!

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