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Empties #38 - Skincare Masks

There is a reason our parents tell us not to procrastinate and to just get it done.  The masks empties is not just the products featured (I wish) but click on to read about the masks I have been trying and which I like and recommend!

The L'herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose Mask is really nice and I love the texture of the mask (the biocellulose mask)- it is really soft and even though it feels a little thicker, it does not dry out completely leaving you feel dry towards the end. It's great. I love this. You also get a lot of leftover serum in the packet which you can use for at least another 4 applications!

The Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask feels nice, but is not one I would rush out to buy. I don't mind it at all, but it was nothing spectacular.

The BanBan Mask is interesting because it comes in a two piece and the green T zone part is really thin and sits really well on the skin without overwhelming it at all (sometimes too much moisture in the oilier zone can cause more oiliness) and the U zone mask has honey and is really nourishing. I enjoyed using this!

This was slightly confusing because the Cocorico x A'Pieu Silk Blanket Mask Gold can look... interesting when it is on. It is gold, but I think it is just gold paint rather than actual gold due to the pricing of it? Plus it is just a sheet mask. Anyway, it was a nice moisturising sheet but I did not see any crazy glow or anything else, so I will not be rushing out to repurchase this.

The L'herboflore Marine Collagen Resillience Lift Mask was nice but I did not see any lifting. I love the packaging of the mask, and like the L'herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose Mask, this had a lot of leftover serum. I do prefer the Biocellulose Mask so will not be repurchasing this regular sheet mask.

The Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head is a very interesting Korean product which features 3 steps to remove the blackheads on your nose. First you soften the sebum, then you rip them out (Caroline Hirons really disapproves of this but it is so satisfying) and then you seal the moisture into your skin and hope that the pores do not get clogged up again.

This was quite fun and it was more effective than the regular pore strip. I still have a few lying around so will not repurchase just yet.

This Watsons Apple Refining Facial Mask, does not feel refining. It feels moisturising and is a treat but I didn't like how fragranced this was. I know it says apple, and it does really smell like juicy apples, but I just prefer my skincare to have less fragranced.

These Beauty Buffet by Watsons Squalane Mask and Hyaluronic Acid Mask, I really enjoy. I do prefer the Hyaluronic Acid Mask rather than the Squalane (really, it should be Squalene Watsons) mask because the latter is a little heavy for me.

The Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask in Cucumber, Green Tea and Aloe are all amazing. My favourite is the cucumber, followed by the aloe and then green tea. I just don't really see as much difference with the green tea but the cucumber is really soothing, as is the aloe. The aloe and cucumber are just staples.

I also decided to try out the difference ones like Kiwi, Strawberry and Blackberry. I will say that these 3 all have a milky white serum rather than the clear one, which I don't prefer as much, I like the clear serum. All three smell super delicious but I personally prefer the earlier three I spoke about. These are nice for a hit of moisture.

I then have another two here, and the Bamboo one is actually pretty nice. I would repurchase. It feels like the aloe one on my skin and I like that. The pomegranate one is more for anti-ageing and again, a creamy serum. I don't dislike it but I don't love it either. However, I do think that one days I am feeling particularly ugh, this is quite nice as it does not just moisturise, it feels nourishing as well.

I am really a sucker for a good aloevera mask and this one by Secriss is nice. It is not as easy to get as the Innisfree one (which is why I always stock up on that) and the Tea Tree mask I do not understand. I think that clarifying and detoxifying masks should always come in a pot rather than a sheet because I just do not see much difference when it is in a sheet.

More innsfree. The blue one is a seaweed wash off one which has almost scrubby parts, I love this.
The green one is aloe vera and I love that too. The yellow one is the canola honey one and frankly a little intense. I have now seen that it is a wash off pack and I tend to leave it on overnight, which might explain why it felt a little intense. WHOOPS.

The light blue which is the Bijia and Green Tea, I prefer than the brown one which is the Volcanic clay simply because I find the latter to be too drying and difficult to use. The Bijia and Green Tea on the other hand, feels clarifying without stripping.

This innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask can be very drying and stripping so I used it really sparingly and never all over the face. The clay mousse is much better for my combination skin than the pot ones.

The innisfree aloe revital sleeping pack feels like a lovely night gel-cream. I do not think that it is a true sleeping pack but I feel like it is nice as a night cream.

The Fresh Rose Face Mask is truly decadent and luxurious. I love this on a regular day but on sunburnt skin, this is amazing. I have tried this on normal days, on dehydrated days and my skin just always loves it. I have another deluxe sample and am using it really sparingly because I cannot afford the full size!

The Boscia Luminizing Black Mask is a lot of fun to use. If you wait properly for the product to dry and then peel it off, it is truly satisfying. The skin does feel soft and smooth afterwards, ready for serum or whatever products you want to apply on. I like this a lot.

This Arcona Tea Tree Mask I really enjoyed and wanted to purchase the full size. I typically do not like tea tree products and this smells like tea tree (obviously) but the creamy texture really helps the skin feel clean and clarified without any dryness whatsoever. Considered my impressed! However, I could not find the full size product at all? Does anyone have any idea about this?!

This James Read Enhance Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask I do not like because the alcohol content is so high that my eyes water up whenever I apply this.  The effect is actually nice but I actually feel like I am losing my eyeballs trying to use this. No thanks.

The Sephora Polishing Mask Pore Clarifying & Smoothing Rice Powder I do not like because it is really difficult to squeeze out of the tube. Then it feels tough to spread around and you are supposed to roll it off the face afterwards. WHAT?!

The Pure Terra French Green Complexion Clay I really enjoy even though it is a little bit more troublesome. You have to mix the powder with a bit of water and getting the right consistency takes a bit of practice. However, it feels great on the skin and washes off clean and easy. Win.

I love both these clay masks. The Zionhealth Oatmeal Souffle ClayMask which is great all over the skin, never drying, quite soothing and beautiful on skin. You can use this every other day or even every day with no issue!

The Sanctuary Spa  5 Munute Thermal Detox Mask is a return favourite. I like the slight warming on the skin (it does not feel like your skin is on fire and about to fall off) and once it has cooled you can remove with a warm towel. It is detoxifying without drying (do we see a theme here yet)

I bought three skinfood masks but this is my only empty, and repuchase. The SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off is really amazing and the exfoliating properties really leave the skin soft and smooth. I never apply undue pressure and it just exfoliates without stripping. I love this, hence the repurchase.

The Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is not a new one and it had a pretty big following back in the day. I do enjoy this but find that the skin seems to get used to it and the renewal/exfoliation is not as obvious after a while. Or perhaps it is too gentle? It is good for more sensitive skin in my opinion.

I actually have the full size of the Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque but this sample sachet is great for travelling. I like this and it does not feel drying or leave the skin tight after usage at all. I do like this, but if you are really oily or congested, this might not be "powerful" enough.

Finally we have the Skin Ic Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. I actually like this in a tube but the full size of the product is in a tub (sad face). It feels more like a serum and I tend to use it as such. When travelling, this is such a lifesaver and I find that you can reapply without the skin freaking out or getting oily. It just sinks in beautifully like a serum. Great for dehydrated skin (everyone?)

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