Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Amazin' Graze Christmas Range

I know Tuesdays are for lip products but I am restarting All About Lips next year (2018) and I thought I would show you something else that is really interesting and near the lips/mouth area!

Glorious food!
I have mentioned Amazin' Graze on my blog and I really do love their nut butters and granolas. The pepita crisp are my "always must add to cart" item, and will forever be my first love.

They did launch a Raya collection and often have festival flavours, which I think is lovely and refreshing.

This Christmas, Amazin' Graze has brought out 4 new granola flavours and even a nut butter!

Meet :
Candied Fruitcake Granola
Gingerbread Crumb Granola
Chocolate Fudge Orange Bites
Frosted Cinnamon Nut Mix

The whole Christmas family is here! These are all sample sizes, which is ideal for tasting. You can get the sample box here.

This Amazin' Graze Caramel Pecan Almond Butter is definitely a Christmas twist on the usual almond butter. This is 100% stone ground which means the almond is not extracted or grounded by other methods.

The Amazin' Graze Candied Fruitcake Granola is actually not my favourite. It is quite sweet due to the candied nature. It definitely tastes like Christmas in a packet!

The Amazin' Graze Gingerbread Crumb Granola is incredibly yummy! It is not super gingery, just a hint of it, which gives a wholesome taste to the mouth. YUM.

The Amazin' Graze Chocolate Fudge Orange Bites are like brownies, little bite sizes. They are definitely a treat, and not an everyday thing.

The Amazin' Graze Frosted Cinnamon Nut Mix is another win. I am not actually a fan of cinnamon, especially in great amounts. However this is just a dusting of cinnamon and is very Christmassy. It reminds me of Mulled Wine. I must say that I only got a handful of the almonds and pepita before this was wolfed down by my family.

Finally we have this almond butter and I actually wished that this was a permanent line up. It is sweeter due to the added ingredients, like maple syrup. However, it tastes amazing. If you prefer something less sweet, the original Almond Butter is amazing.

So get it while you can, because this is definitely a limited edition Amazin' Christmas!

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