Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Seeds Natural #3

If you want a local brand for Christmas presents, look no further than The Seeds Natural! If you get a Christmas Gift Set, it comes in different and beautiful gift wrapping!

This is everything when unwrapped, so let's jump straight into it!

I actually really love The Seeds Natural Botanico Mild Body Wash, you can actually get the 200ml for RM30 or get this super sized 500 ml for just RM49.

This The Seeds Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a repurchase for me. I really like this as a pre-shampoo hair treatment. On particularly dry days, the oil is also amazing for rehydrating the skin. I find this a great all rounder and for RM 22.90, it is a must-have for me.

Now, if you buy the soap gift sets, a lovely soap dish is part of it. If you like to use bar soaps, you should know that a good soap dish is essential for non gunky soap.

Just to show you how a bar soap will go on the soap dish.

You also get an exfoliating soap pouch, which is actually good for storing bar soaps. You can then hang it up to dry and when you want to use it, just wet the pouch and get scrubbing!

I am excited to give this a go with all the small pieces of soap I have kept.

Then you have the new additions, face masks! You have The Seeds Natural Green Tea & Licorice Cleansing Clay Mask, The Seeds Natural Chamomile & Olive Balancing Clay Mask and The Seeds Natural Rose & Berry Rejuvenating Clay Mask. These are all targeted at different skin types, and are all in powder form so you can easily transport these around. You add a bit of water or milk to the powder and mix it into a paste. Then apply it and remove it after about 5 minutes.

If you get a gift set, it comes in a really pretty box and this gift wrapping. I love this so much and wish I could take the items in the box without disrupting the gift wrapping!

Basically you get these 3 items in the box - The Seeds Natural Soothing Mist, The Seeds Natural Face Serum and The Seeds Natural Wild Rose & Honey Soap. The bottles have had a packaging update and the formulation have also been improved to include more botanicals.

So that is everything I bought this round, and I highly recommend checking out the gift sets as they are the best way to discover the range!

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