Saturday, 25 November 2017


Sometimes small gifts can be the more thoughtful ones. I pretty much lucked out when my dad received this as a present as I love trying out new tea and enjoy a good cup of tea. I do think that if you know someone who enjoys tea, this could be a really excellent Christmas present!

This gift set from TWG feature quite a few different things. Let's run through each item to talk you through them properly.

First up, tea jelly. I have never tried tea jelly, but this TWG Red of Africa Tea Jelly is delightful. It is best of crackers but lovely on toast as well and the texture is of jelly and is not too sweet, with just the faintest of a tart finish. Amazing.

This TWG French Earl Grey Tea is in a beautiful tin and box and is loose leaf tea.

Most good teas come in loose leaf format, but I personally do not love Early Grey because of the bergamot. As such, this will probably be gifted to a friend or family who enjoys Earl Grey tea.

Rather than your typical sugar or even sugar cubes, these sugar crystal sticks are more fun to stir into your drink, and definitely look more upperclass. We do not have sugar with our drinks in this household so I have no idea what to do with these quite yet, perhaps it will be gifted along with the French Early Grey Tea!

The tea filters have clearly been included for use with the loose leaf tea. I like the inclusion of this and will probably keep it for future usage with other loose leaf tea.

This TWG tea spoon, I am also selfishly keeping for myself as it is way too cute. I love it to bits and will in no way part with it.

This TWG Milk Oolong tea is all sorts of amazing. I like oolong tea but I have never really tried Milk Oolong until now. The milkiness is evident without any inclusion of milk and it is a really delightful afternoon tea.

The box of 15 are delicately packaged and the pyramid shaped tea bag ensures good infusion, and you can see the loose leaf in the tea bag, with no tea powder.

My parents and I have been enjoying this lovely and thoughtful gift and I am certainly impressed with the amount of thought that has gone into curating this gift set. TWG, considered me sold.

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