Sunday, 26 November 2017

Muji Sensitive Skincare

Muji is currently running a 10% discount on the Sensitive Skin range and the Organic range and this goes on until 28th December 2018 so let me run through some of the products so that you can decide if you would like to pick them up too!

I picked up 5 items because there was a 10% discount on the whole range and I thought it was quite a nice time to try it out. I love how simplistic the range is and that you can pick up travel size, as well as bigger sizes to leave at home.

Starting off with what I would use first, the Muji Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil. This oil has a very slight scent, which is probably from the olive oil, which is the top ingredient on the ingredients list. It is quite easy to squeeze out from the tube so there is no issue with that.

It actually feels quite thick when you try to spread it between your hands or on your face which is a teeny tiny bummer. However, it rinses off really well and clean, which is the most important part so this is still a win in my books. I am suitably impressed.

The Muji Sensitive Skin Face Soap looks really quite boring in the packaging. You do have to be careful not to mistake this for the face lotion, which looks really similar.

A little goes a long way, and the amount you see here on my palm is already too much for my face. You only need about half of the amount shown.

I do foam it up in my hands before applying it to my face. It does foam quite a lot but does not feel drying, stripping or tight. I have used this over my eyes and it feels completely ok, no burning. I like this.

If you want more foam, add more water! This rinses off really easily and you don't even feel like you need any lotion (although you really should apply something).

Next we have the Muji Skincare Light Toning Water which come in Light, Moisture and High Moisture. The High Moisture version does cost more than the Light and Moisture. I picked up the Light one by mistake as I intended to pick up the Moisture one. However, this is nice in the day time as it is still not drying. I do want to try out the Moisture out. I think the High Moisture might be a little too much for my Normal-Combination skin type.

The Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk also comes in three versions - Light, Moisture and High Moisture. I picked up the Moisture version because I definitely wanted moisture rather than light, and thought high moisture might be a bit too much. I may pick up the light version for day time and the moisture one for evening usage.

The name moisturising milk is very appropriate. It feels like a light lotion on the skin. It spreads easily and they recommend spreading it between your palms and then pressing it into the skin. I find that the pressing and patting motion really helps with absorption as compared to just wiping it around.

Finally, we have the Muji Sensitive Skin All In One Essence. Now when they say all in one, they do mean this is a substitute for toner, serum and moisturiser after cleansing! That is quite a lot of claims so I thought I would give it a shot.

This actually comes out almost like a gel texture but has a sticky finish. I personally would finish this off with moisturiser to take away from the tacky finish. I probably would use it more like a serum rather than a real all-in-one essence. It is handy when I am in a rush but this is not my favourite product from the range and this is the only item I probably would not purchase the full size.

Muji also sells the different heads- you can get a nozzle head or a spray head for your lotions and toners. I will definitely be picking full size items up before the sale ends and you can be sure I will be picking up the spray head as well!

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