Thursday, 23 November 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colour

If you read yesterday's blogpost, you might have realise that I was pretty excited about the MakeUpForEver Artist Face Colour Makeup System! If you follow me on instagram, I have been wearing it a lot and droning on and on about it.

The kit all comes separately. The MakeUpForEver Refillable Makeup Case comes separately from the rest of the powders. The MakeUpForEver Artist Face Colours come in a huge range of colours and are classed as highlighters, blushers or sculpting powders - H, B or S.

The MakeUpForEver Refillable Makeup Case has a magnetic back piece and the case feels sturdy and compact. This also has a mirror, which makes this ideal. If I had to rate the case out of 10, it gets a solid 9.5.

The Artist Face Colours come individually and are pretty compact in their packaging. Both the boxes and the plastic casing are recyclable.

The shades I picked up are H106 - warm champagne, B210 - warm pink, S116 - medium contour.

The individual Artist Face Colours slot in beautifully and are very secure in the case. I actually tested this out by swinging the product upside down pretty rigorously. While the product passed with flying colours, on hindsight, I have no idea what I was trying to do! What if it had fallen off and smashed into pieces! *shudders*

The highlight shade has swatched almost creamy looking here on my finger and in actual fact, you can feel the slight bit of almost-gritiness but that does not translate in swatches or usage at all. The powder applies really smoothly, very shimmery and glimmery with none of the chunks of glitter.

The blush shade looks almost as if it is leaning towards fluorescent but when sheered out, is truly beautiful and has a really good wear time on the face.

The contour shade is that tad bit dark and needs quite a lot of blending. It may be the brushes I am using but I find this shade a little harder to work with (compared to my illamasqua contour which is lighter) and it definitely needs more blending or can look very stark!

All three shades perform beautifully together or with other products and I am beyond delighted with this purchase. If you have a chance to try these powders out, do not hesitate to try out the MakeUpForEver Artist Face Colours. You can purchase a case to hold just one, two or three individuals colours.

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