Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sephora Formula X

I actually forgot about the Sephora Formula X nail polishes until I was at Sephora picking up all my random bits and saw the display. I then proceeded to buy the whole system XCEL. When I read the promise of 10 days of chip-resistant colour, Gel-like shine, Advanced polish-plumping XCEL technology and New Xpert Strokes Brush, I wanted to try this system out.

So not only did I pick up the mini, I went back to pick up the proper set to try out as well.

Cleanse XCEL : Start with this essential salon secret. Lightly brush over bare nails
Prime XCEL : Prep, protect and help polish stick
Colour : Apply 1-2 coats using the Tri-X Method. Three swipes - once from the base of the nail to the tip, then follow along each side
Shine XCEL : Make it last with a glossy, gel-like finish in a flash.

I really like the mini set because the nail polish are all so small and fit into the top click (or clix!) so that you do not end up losing them around. I picked one with a colour that I would wear quite often and this deep red is perfect.

The full size ones are exactly the same products but better for leaving at home. I picked up a deeper shade for the colour.

Now Sephora has many claims for these nail polishes:
Skip the salon. tend the wear of any Formula X lacquer (200+!) with gel-like protection. No light, no damage, no fuss.

I really like how the nail polish looked and wore after application. They were really inexpensive for the set and I can see why bloggers and youtubers like these so much. I would probably pick up more shades and the Prime XCEL and Shine XCEL as I think these work really well! Sadly these are still only in the US and not in other Sephora stores so these shall have to wait until I am next in USA!

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