Saturday, 4 November 2017

EOS Hand Lotions

If you go to Costco, you can pick up a big pack of eos hand lotions rather than individually for cheaper. I actually think these make great stocking fillers and presents!

Now what you actually get is 2 of each of the 4 scents - cucumber (green), berry blossom (pink), delicate petals (purple) and fresh flowers (teal).

eos hand lotions claim to provide up to 24 hours hydration. Now while I cannot vouch for that (how do people measure these things?!), they feel comfortable on the hands when applied but can be sticky if too much is applied.

The individual bottles are actually not big, smaller than a palm size, and quite flat - great for storing in handbags!

There is a flip cap which is pretty secure and easy enough to use.

There is also a little dent in the back of the bottles, which I hope you can see from the photo. This actually facilitates the squeezing of product out onto the hands for use.

The packaging is simple and easy to use and the product is fuss-free while smelling really lovely on the hands.

These are no life changing products and they do not transform your hands, but if your hands are a little dry or you have presents to give, I think these are nice treats for family members and friends.

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