Sunday, 5 November 2017

EOS Lip Balms

You read about eos hand lotions yesterday, today we talk about eos lip balms!

Unlike the repeated hand lotions, the eos lip balms that you can purchase from Costco, actually come in an array of scents and flavours!

The stripey ones are the eos visibly soft range and the core colour ones are the eos organic range.

Top to bottom (left) : Blackberry Nectar, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Mint.
Top to bottom (right) : Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint

I really like the eos Sweet Mint lip balm as the minty scent is really refreshing. It feels good on the lips but is nothing really intensely nourishing. The eos lip balms are good if you have slightly dry lips but will not help if you have cracking lips!

I am not generally a fan of vanilla so this eos Vanilla Mint lip balm is a miss for me. I do prefer it more than the usual vanilla (featured later), but I gave this to my mum who loves mint scents as well.

This eos Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm is bursting with fruitiness and is a lovely one. I really enjoy using this and the fact that it is certified organic means that there is no worry as I eat my food and drink the entire day and apply this continuously!

This eos Coconut Milk lip balm was saved for a gift because I am not always big on coconut scents. I know plenty of people who are crazy for coconut so this can be a gift and present for those people!

This eos Blackberry Nectar lip balm is the only scent from the visibly soft range which I like and the lip balm is really soft and nice to use. It feels less waxy than the organic range and I think if I really had to choose, I prefer the visibly soft range that little bit more.

As I mentioned before, vanilla really is not a scent I like so this eos Vanilla Bean lip balm is definitely not for me.

All the eos lip balms come in a dome shape and are not great for precise application but since they are colourless it is usually not an issue.

The eos visible soft lip balm range, does have a more yellow colour and the consistency looks slightly different as well.

I know some people love the eos balms and some people find them useless. I think I am more on a middle ground with these. I think they are cute and I don't mind having one or two in my handbag. It would never be a replacement for an intensive lip balm in winter or for night repair (I have serious working lip balms for that) but for an everyday top up, these are nice and I like them!

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