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A lucky giveaway win!

A few months ago, I was insanely lucky to win the London Beauty Queen giveaway. I like her very honest insights to beauty and feel like I can relate to her in that she talks about body issues as well and just comes across as being very genuine and honest.
Enough about that, go have a read of her blog and you will understand what I mean! And yes, that is everything that was from the giveaway! These are actually everything that she has loved in the summer months!

First up, the package showed up and out from the envelope was this very adorable bag! I will admit that if I see this washbag/makeup bag, I will be really tempted to pick it up! How precious is this lilac colour and the googly eyes! Do not be deceived as it is not a small bag, but it really holds a lot for its size!

Let's start off with the Collection (they've changed their name from Collection 2000 to just Collection) Lasting Perfection Colour Correctors!

The shades I have here are the yellow (good against pigmentation), blue (good to brighten) and green (good to hide redness).

I have swatched these on both a white surface and the back of my hand, in an attempt to show you both the colour and the texture of the products. I have used these very sparingly as I don't need much colour correction, but find that they are not too thick, and blend easily. I like these but since I don't use colour correctors as much as some people may, these aren't my favourite items. If you are like me, investing in drugstore for colour correctors would be the way forward!

I also have 2 of......... what is this you may ask...

It's actually 2 shades of the Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream (shade 3 - Baked & shade 4 - Galactic).

I have swatched Baked lightly and then more pigmented, and Galactic lightly then more pigmented on the back of my hand here. Baked is a little too dark for me to wear as a highlighter and there is no way that I can wear this as an eyeshadow, I tried and it slipped and slid everywhere! (It did look amazing for a photo before the disaster). Galactic is too frosty to be worn by itself on the top of my cheekbones as well. Now that I am writing this, I am tempted to mix the two shades to wear on my cheeks! I shall report back on instagram on whether that works! The highlighters themselves are pretty and the slip means it's easy to put on the cheeks without moving your foundation beneath, but you can't double them up as eyeshadow.

Hayley also included two nail polishes. Essie, of course, is an excellent brand and formulation. The colour is so neon that I can only really wear it on my toes (I do love bright toes). The Orly Breathable Treatment + Colour took me by surprise. The formulation is gorgeous and the shine is really amazing even without a top coat. Sadly, the bubblegum milky pink does not suit me as it makes my fingers look a little... weird. I will be gifting this as I have only used it once, to a girlfriend who does not mind.

The Pixi Glow Mist, I am really happy to have to try! I have tried the Pixi Makeup Setting Mist and while I like the formula, the spritz was a little off in mine. This Pixi Glow Mist has a nicer spritz so I think that my previous bottle might have been a dud. I feel like this mist locks in my powder nicely but I am not sure if I see any real glow - again, I will write a full post on this!

Next up are these NYX Vivid Brights Cream Colour. I have not actually seen these before and when they say bright, they aren't kidding about bright. The lilac shade is Sugar Rush and the blue shade is called Blueprint.

Both shades are definitely bright and I will admit I was not sure how to feel about them. NYX typically is not a very expensive brand but tends to do pretty kick ass makeup items.

Here are the swatches of the NYX Vivid Brights Cream Colours in Sugar Rush and Blueprint. The blue has come off REALLY vivid, it is even more vibrant in real life. The lilac also performed beyond expectations as these types of white based colours tend to be a bit chalky but this was really creamy.

I have included this shot of how the product looks after I stuck my finger into them to try and show you how creamy they really are. I think when I made contact, I was actually surprised at how creamy they both felt. You do have to be careful not to pick too much up, and like all the other cream products, keep this tightly screwed on or risk everything drying out.

If you have never tried a beautyblender, you really must. I like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge but that is different. I want to try the Ecotools offering, the Fenty Beauty offering because I am insatiable, However, the beautyblender is a classic and I will never tire of it, I love it and this nudey pink colour is so beautiful but looks grubby immediately when you use foundation with it *cries* but that just means I wash it after every, single, use. Yes, I am crazy.

There were also two blushes in the palette, well one blush and a blush palette!

I actually had so much trouble opening the Rubi blush that I almost gave up on it. It is really bright and I have to be quite careful when using it because it is pigmented and when you are wearing a bright shade you want minimal product just for a beautiful flush.

The Essence BlushPlay Sculpting Blush Palette is amazing. I have been loving the highlighter, and using the "sculpt" shade as my blush and then the "define" shade just on the apple of my cheeks. I could not sculpt with that shade but the inclusion of three shades meant that I can have a more ombre effect with my blush and truly, this is fantastic. If you see this, grab it!

Here are the swatches of all the blushes and can you see what I mean about the bright Rubi blush? All the powders feel nice and not powdery. They don't feel super creamy but there is no powdery fallout or any issues.

Then we have three lip products. We have a Lord & Berry Lip Liner, a YSL lipstick (my very first!) and a Nip+Fab Matte Liquid Lipstick.

This Lord & Berry Lip Liner is one that you will have to sharpen with a proper pencil sharpener. It is a little stiff, which I don't mind for lip liners because I think it helps with lasting power. I like the shade as it is quite nude and goes with everything I own.

This is the YSL Volupte Tint-in-Balm in shade 6. It is a coral shade with a lipstick balm centre. It is actually not very obvious in the picture (I took a zillion photos). Don't be scared by the bright shade, the colour payoff is very sheer and so this is very wearable. It comes off almost like I have just eaten an orang popsicle. It also feels super hydrating and almost like you are applying a super light layer of oil to your lips (that is not oily but glides on that smoothly).

I did mention this is my first ever YSL lipstick and that is true. I have bought the YSL tint-in-oil before and I love the YSL Glossy Stains but the reason I never bought the YSL lipsticks is because I don't like the packaging. There, I have said it. People rave about this packaging and love it to death, but I just don't like it. Hence, I wear this a lot when I am at home or just before I head out but it is never in my handbag, only because 1. I worry about it melting (the formula feels like it could) and 2. I don't like the packaging. (Please don't hate me)

Finally we have the Nip+Fab Matte Liquid Lipstick. I will try to wear this just by itself to test out if it is drying and how well it lasts throughout the day or meals, but this colour is too nude and light on me. It makes me look crazy so when I have worn it, I wear it mixed with other products to make it more wearable. However, for the blog, I will do it.

I do apologise for the lack of "All About Lips" blogposts. It has stopped for a little while, well months actually, but I have been having issues taking photos for these but rest assured, I will restart as soon as I am able to - I miss it!

Here are the swatches for the Lord & Berry Lip Liner, YSL Volupte Tint-in-Balm in 6, Nip+Fab Matte Liquid Lipstick.

Here you can see the products fitting into the cute little bag, and judge the relative size of the bag just from this. I still can't believe it all fit in this little bag and even Will was surprised by it.

I hope you have all enjoyed going through all this new-ness. Apart from the beautyblender, almost everything is new to me and I feel really lucky to have won this giveaway to try all this out! Look out for full reviews on products - if you have something you want to know more about/have a review on first, please let me know!

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