Saturday, 21 October 2017

YSL travel palette

I find it hard to resist minis and travel palettes. This YSL travel palette is a real thing of beauty.

It is about the size of a phone and not much thicker. In fact many of today's smartphones are bigger than this palette. The pink (faux?) leather looks luxe and feels sturdy in the hand.

Inside the YSL travel palette, there are 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, 1 blush and 3 brushes for application on the go. What you also get is a long mirror which is on the flip side of the top (not photographed).

The brushes are not all bad. The biggest one which is for the blush, is actually quite soft and works decently. You have to use a light hand or risk having a strong pink strip. I do use it with circular motions and the blush is finely-milled enough and not too pigmented, for you to be able to do this.

The eyeshadow brush (the middle) is pretty much a dud. These foam applicators are not bad for eyeshadow swatching but I really do not find them helpful in applying eyeshadow at all!

The lip brush is not bad. I tend not to use lip brushes but if you have lip products in a pan, these are helpful to get any product on at all and the tip is precise enough!

The 4 eyeshadows have varied pigmentation. The pink and lilac are shimmery and do not have strong pigmentation at all. In fact, I had to scrape the top of these (a tip from my friend Anna) to get any pigmentation and pay off! The brown and deep purple are both satin finishes which I really enjoy and adore using on my eyes.

Here I have swatched, from top to bottom, the two lip products, the eyeshadows (you can hardly see the pink eyeshadow) followed by the diffused blush and a built up version of the blush.

My favourite product in the palette is definitely the blush as I find it very flattering and beautiful. The brown and deep purple eyeshadows are my next pick. The lipstick shades are surprisingly pretty, especially the deeper pink but not my favourite by all means.

Overall, I find the palette nice, but not really worth the amount I splurged on it, seeing as I don't love everything and hardly reach for this as it is not an all-rounder. Travel palettes are well and cute but often lay in the bottom of the pack when not well utilised or loved!

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