Sunday, 22 October 2017

Japanese Non-Beauty Haul

One of the top 5 most popular blogposts actually was a random haul of things which were not related to beauty whatsoever and I thought since that Yubiso Haul was popular, I would share with you what I picked up in Japan!

Starting off with some jewellery, I picked up these snowflake earrings which I love so much. I really like anything to do with snowflakes and these look really dainty and beautiful.

I also picked up this horseshoe pendant, which has the sort of pendant I love (it will not move around as it is part of the chain) and this was sort of to contribute to the charity helping house retired race horses.

Shopping from the same place that helps with these retired race horses,  I picked up this cheeky boy because he has a carrot in his mouth! How cute seriously!

Here is another horse that I also picked up because, frankly, I am obsessed with horses. My zodiac is a horse and my horoscope also features half a horse! (Sagittarius)

Other bits I have picked up are mostly because there are so many cute bits that I cannot help myself.  My sister and I picked up a deer each, because LOOK AT IT. How cute is this? What will it do? Nothing.

This little bear, has more of a purpose. It is actually a towel holder and I think it is beyond adorable.

Look at the little face! *swoons*

This little duck is a holder. It is actually too small to hold most things, but I love it all the same. I don't know what it was about Japan but I really could not help myself with all these cute items.

Finally, the most expensive purchase from Japan. In the box, you probably cannot quite guess what this is, but it is actually quite a useful purchase.

This is a handbag hook! You put this patterned part on the table and the hook unhinges so that you can then go on to put your bag on it and off the floor!

Let me know if you guys want to see more lifestyle posts and all.

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