Thursday, 5 October 2017

Sudio Sweden

I ordered the Sudio Sweden headphones and I have been putting these Sudio Regents for months now, and I think it is a good time to write about it.

I did get a free iphone case along with the Sudio Regents when I placed my order. I purchased the item online because the shops around me sold the Sudio earphones but not the headphones. I used a code for money off (google for it, a lot of codes floating around online) and received the iphone case as a free gift. I had no issues with immigration or any charges on top of that.

I love the marble design so much, but this case does not offer any protection to the phone at all. It is a bit of a shame as I really like how pretty it is.

Also the gold line and branding, does my head in. I wish it was in black or in silver or anything else. The gold ruins the aesthetics for me! I will admit I tried to use a black marken pen to fill it up but it just was not happening.

Let's get into the product proper - Sudio Regents.

The headphones come in black or white. I obviously picked up the white one.

I actually really love how they look and the gold detailing really stands out from the white cushion and band.

You can fold the headphones up but there is no bag or pouch to travel with (a missed opportunity).

I do appreciate that the two cables come in different colours so that it is really obvious what is what. The black one is actually a charging cable and the white one is a regular cable for you to use the headphones. You can use the wireless setting instead, especially if you have one of the new iPhones.

You are able to change the little white plate on the sides of the actual headphones. I did not pick up the marble pieces to change them up. Instead, I personalised mine with stickers! Also, you may think that I am focusing a lot of the aesthetics rather than the actual sound quality, that is because there are many reviews on the sound quality online and I do not feel qualified to comment. I will say the headphones are not completely noise-cancelling but because they are headphones, they do block out noise when you just put them on.

Here is one side of my headphones are I put some stickers on.

This is my preferred side as the panda and the fruits are super adorable.

I love my Sudio Regents and they are not bad in terms of comfort as I have a bigger than average head (yes it is true) and these do not give me aches and pains unless I am wearing them for way too long!

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