Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sorry for the disappearance + some gifts to talk about

I owe an apology to my readers as I have vanished from the blogosphere and I did not come out with any warning. It was less than a month of break, but in reality it had been a while since I worked on the blog. I was moving, travelling, moving again and I start a new job tomorrow!

Before I start the new job, I thought I would write a blog post to explain the situation and to show you a few pieces of presents I have received from different countries.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates are my all-time favourite treats but this date & himalayan pink salt chocolate from Doisy & Dam are really worth a mention! They are very delicious indeed!

This is a little gift from South Africa and I initially thought it was one bracelet.

In fact, it is two bracelets that look better worn together than alone. The "tiger's eye" gemstone is supposed to "simulate wealth, bring inner peace, build self-reliance and assist in eliminating inner turmoil" as well as signifying "wisdom, strength and hope". I think they literally have covered all bases, with the one exception of love.

The rhino is a bit of a personal joke, but worn together, the duo is really cute and I love how it looks. The only problem is because the bracelet is not super long, I do need help putting them on.

I also received this Flowers & Leaves bar soap, which smells incredibly lavender and I really want to just snuggle and sleep with this because it smells so lovely!

This present was a bit of a replacement gift. I lost the last necklace and this is a replacement for that.

It is basically two interlocking rings on a necklace and I love how simplistic this is and the silver goes with everything easily!

If you take a good look, the rings are thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom, giving them weight not to turn around (the loops around them also do not extend enough to move) and this actually means your pendants do not move to the back of your neck! It always stays at the correct place on my chest, which I love.

Talk about super low maintenance ;)

A gift from London, is this Saebe Cherry Blossom soap, but that is not quite the show stealer.

This may look like a patch of grass, but what it is is actually faux grass which works really well as a bar soap holder! Any water will flow through the faux grass into the white container at the bottom which you can then easily dispose of!

In fact, I was later told that the bar soap, was really gifted so that it was obvious what this faux grass thing is all about!

This final gift is from Prague and both the soap and candle are from a brand called Manufaktura.

The Lavender soap looks slightly scary but in fact, the brown bits are the scrubby lavender bits! I am excited to give this a try, and love lavender as a scent in general.

The candle is a vanilla flavoured one, which is not my favourite, but will be nice to burn in the depths of winter. I like bar soaps and it might be evident from all the bar soaps I am gifted.

I do apologise for just disappearing and will endeavour to keep up with the blogging schedule again!

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