Sunday, 15 October 2017

Deciem The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation + Coverage Foundation

Yesterday I spoke about the skincare bits I picked up from the Deciem The Ordinary but actually I picked up two foundations from the Deciem The Ordinary Colours range as well.

I picked up both the Serum Foundation and the Coverage Foundation in store, where I was shade matched. They use the coverage foundation to shade match if you are intending to get that or both the foundations. My shade is 2.0N in both foundations (they say they are the same).

Now you may have noticed in the last picture that my Deciem The Ordinary Serum Foundation looks a little worse for wear! It came quite messy in the box and I thought I would show you that, before I cleaned it up! Again, I could not really be bothered to write in or bring the product back as it is just such a faff.

Here are the foundations swatched. Serum Foundation + Coverage Foundation
The Serum foundation is a lot runnier/liquidy compared to the coverage foundation. In my opinion the serum foundation still gives a really nice finish because it is glowy and the coverage is quite sheer. It is just a bit more than a tinted moisturiser. The coverage foundation has a medium coverage and a more matte finish. Neither foundations are really buildable in my opinion.

Here they are blended out a bit more. The serum foundation looks more matte and lighter but that is because there are less pigments and the amount of foundation actually dried quicker on my arm as it is a lighter base. The cover foundation has more coverage and you can use a lot less than you think. One pump is more than enough for your face AND neck!

I have been sharing on instagram whenever I am trying these foundations out and I actually had even more issues with the Deciem The Ordinary Serum Foundation where now, if I pump the foundation, foundation goes everywhere! I have been trying to clean it and all sorts and pretty sure I have already gone through half the bottle just trying to clear up the mess! Deciem has asked me to write in as they will replace it and I do think that customer service is ace!

I will write about these again when I have a really firm opinion on these. As for now, I like them both and am trying to decide on just the one to commit to!

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