Thursday, 12 October 2017

Current Haircare Routine

My current haircare routine is so simple and it mainly revolves around this horrible shampoo. 

I picked up this L'oreal Conditioner in Italy, hence why all the writing on it is pretty much unreadable (for me) but it is actually really nice. My hair feels really soft after using this conditioner.

I prefer conditioners that feel very weighty than the runny type and the L'oreal conditioners are usually very good value for money and delivers. I like this.

Now back to the horrible shampoo, why is it horrible I hear you ask? Well for one, it smells awful, because it has tar in it. If you have problematic, psoriasis or itchy scalp, this is one I would really recommend. Even in the first use, it has soothe my scalp and helped with the tiny flakes that I get (UGH) and this is actually a repurchase for me. I find this shampoo always delivers and I have never been disappointed with it but man... it smells.  That is why I always follow up with a nice smelling conditioner!

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