Sunday, 8 October 2017

Beauty bits from TK Maxx

TK Maxx may not be the usual place to pick up beauty bits, but I do think that it can be a real treasure trove!

First up, the main reason I went in was to look for a hair dryer and the one I found is the Lee Stafford Blow Dry & Go Hair Kit, which costs £19.99 instead of £49.99! What a massive saving! I did have a look around Boots and Superdrug and no hairdryer costs about £20 so this was the one I picked up.

Just to show you apart from the actual hairdryer, you actually get bobby pins, hair ties, hair clips, a teasing comb and a styling brush!

I will profess that bright barbie pink was not my first choice but I don't actually mind it as much as I thought. The cooling/directional nozzle pink is even worse, but it works and so in the bag it stays!

I also picked up two makeup brushes because when I travelled to UK, I did not bring any brushes and really needed some for my powder blush and powder!

The real techniques setting brush I already own and while I did not like it initially, I really love it now. It is such a multi tasker and good for most things - contour, highlight and setting.

The other brush is a brand I have not heard of, and is really a multi tasking brush. I use this for blush and it is really great for that. It works best for blush and bronze but I am able to use this to set my makeup as well.

I like both my makeup brushes purchases from TK Maxx. Some items, such as sunscreen, I will not purchase from TK Maxx, but things like bar soap, brushes are all great.

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