Saturday, 9 September 2017

Sasa Haul

I needed a new shampoo and so I picked up a few bits from Sasa (Himalaya was picked up from a standalone store but I included it in this small haul anyway)

Let's start with the odd product, the Himalaya Protecting Neem & Turmeric Body Wash. This is a product recommended by my friend Bob (her brother swears by it) for bacne and I thought, heck, I will give anything a try!

It is supposed to be soap-free, and the shower gel actually smells quite fresh. It is not the cheapest shower gel in the market, but for about RM25 for 200ml, this is not expensive either. You are able to pick this up from many places, including Hermo.

The product comes in a slim bottle which has the signature green cap top. You can stand it on the cap when the product is running low since it is a flat top.

The actual shower gel is faint green in colour and has a distinctive scent. It is quite fresh but has a distinctive herbal scent. I personally find it very gentle on my skin and it has most definitely kept the bacne at bay! I have already repurchased this because I am so impressed by it.

So for the haul from Sasa, I picked up 3 things this time, a necessity (the shampoo), a treat (peripera) and a repurchase (heroinemake).

This was recommended to me by the sales assistant at Sasa and after being informed about my dry and sensitive scalp, this giovanni 2chic avocado + olive oil ultra moist shampoo was chosen as the one!

The creamy green shampoo smells fresh and actually foams a lot on contact with the hair. So far, my hair seems to like this shampoo and has not acted up so far, but I will definitely write a full review on this once it is all used up!

Now, we are onto the good stuff- makeup!

This Peripera Peri's Ink Moist in Happy New Year Heart Red was my choice as a treat because the range had 30% off and I thought it was a good time to try things out.

This Happy New Year (year of the rooster - 2017) version definitely cost me a bit more but I could not resist the cute little add on! I am not usually the biggest fan of cutesy items but this was just too adorable.

You just attach the little chick to the top and voila! Check out how even the little chick has peripera stamped on its bum!

I love how adorable this is and cannot stop photographing it. Do not worry, the product is actually the same, just the little addition of the chick figurine.

The sponge tip applicator is paddle shaped and collects a decent amount of product. I find myself using both sides for my lips.

Here is a better photograph of the paddle shaped applicator. I do find myself going back into the container for more product as I like to build  up the intensity for more colour and gloss.

Here is a look at the product blended and unblended. This slightly warm orange-red is very flattering on me and I love how the sheer product still looks very put together.

Finally, we have a repurchase. I was tehnically going for the length version but ended up with the volume version, but I think heroine make makes the best mascaras.

The brush is still curved and I think it is promising as a mascara as heroine make can do no wrong in my eyes.

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